Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky Obituary – Death: Prominent Member of Various Bands, Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky Passes Away

Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky Obituary – Death: Prominent Member of Various Bands, Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky Passes Away

Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky Obituary: On Tuesday, July 11th, 2023, the music industry mourns the loss of a remarkable artist with the untimely passing of Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky, a famous member of numerous bands including Remembering Never, Until The End, Bishops, and Ether Coven.

The loss of Mean Pete creates a gap in the music industry. Numerous followers who turned to his music for comfort and inspiration had their lives profoundly affected by his engaging performances and memorable lyrics.

Who Was Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky?

A stalwart of the Florida Metal/Hardcore scene, Pete Kowalsky was the singer and lyricist for the band Remembering Never. It is interesting that he currently serves as the frontman for the band xBishopx, whose songs are heavily influenced by the Straight Edge way of life.

Pete completed his studies with a history and nutrition double degree, and prior to his leave, he was a certified teacher at a prestigious private school. His anger for Remembering Never’s horrifying musical onslaught is precise and directed, but he was a strongly motivated person with an inexhaustible burning in his gut.

Pete has outraged many people with his songs and interviews, yet he never wavers from his beliefs and can vehemently defend them. In his own words, all he wants of people is to “step out of their comfort zone, and see things from a different angle.”

Additionally, he is the owner of Dead Truth Records, a small but incredibly intriguing music company in his own Palm Springs, Florida.

Launching your own record label and distributing all of your songs is the best method to get total control. I had the opportunity to speak with “Mean Pete,” as he is known, last month and we covered a variety of topics.

Peter Kowalsky Career

Over the course of his two-decade musical career, Mean Pete made a lasting impression on the hardcore and metal subgenres.

He became a crucial part of the band Remembering Never, which gained notoriety for its powerful music and harsh lyrical style. The release of their album “She Looks So Good in Red” propelled them to the top of the scene.

After leaving Remembering Never, Mean Pete joined Until The End and played a key role in the band’s “Blood in the Ink” album and significant touring.

His reputation as a force to be reckoned with was cemented by his unusual vocal style and powerful stage presence.

Later, Mean Pete worked with Bishops, a hardcore punk band that pushed musical boundaries. The band’s self-titled EP demonstrated their diverse influences and solidified Mean Pete’s musical diversity.

And last, being a part of Ether Coven allowed Mean Pete to experiment with a more atmospheric sound. Their album “Everything is Temporary Except Suffering” demonstrated his capacity for change and artistic evolution.

How Did Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky Die?

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, Peter “Mean Pete” Kowalsky, a significant artist who made a lasting impression on the music industry, unfortunately passed away. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Mean Pete inspired us with his bravery and tenacity in the face of stage 3 colon cancer.

Peter received a Stage-3 Adenocarcinoma of the Colon diagnosis in 2020, and during his treatment, he bravely faced his illness and never wavered in his commitment to his trade. Pete will soon begin his chemotherapy.

Small cancer cells that could not be removed from his lung were discovered, and they are currently receiving intravenous and oral treatment. And according to the official records, Peter Kowalsky died as a result of problems brought on by his cancer.