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Paul Hayles Obituary: Cleopatra Mourns The Profound Loss Of Paul Hayles

Paul Hayles Obituary: Cleopatra laments the passing of Paul Hayles, a trailblazing member of Hawkwind and Sonic Assassins. Paul left an enduring impression on the musical landscape with his exploration of cutting-edge keyboard and synthesizer sounds, especially in the pivotal years of 1977–1978. We honor the musical genius whose talents reverberated well beyond his lifetime as we consider his legacy.

Paul Hayles was more than just a musician; he was a sound innovator who explored previously unexplored realms in the musical universe. His work throughout the critical years of 1977–1978 catapulted Sonic Assassins and Hawkwind into new frontiers of exploration and creativity.

Cleopatra expresses her tremendous sadness while acknowledging the significant influence of Paul Hayles’ artistic talent on the music industry. His avant-garde use of keyboards and synthesizers gave Hawkwind and Sonic Assassins an ethereal quality and increased their range of sounds. Paul’s adventurous and imaginative musical journey serves as a tribute to the infinite possibilities that exist in the fields of composition and sound.

Paul Hayles creates a lasting impact in music that reverberates through the halls of sound development. His creative use of keyboards and synthesizers, which produced sounds from the future and avant-garde arrangements, defied prevailing traditions. While we lament his departure, we also acknowledge the lasting effect of his work and how generations of musicians have been inspired and influenced by the soundscapes he created. Paul Hayles was a fundamental figure in Sonic Assassins and Hawkwind’s musical journey, helping to shape their own paths. His synthesizer and keyboard sounds were used into legendary albums and live performances as sonic threads.

I hope that his melodies will always reverberate and lead upcoming musicians via the unknown paths he bravely took. Paul’s sound was a key component in leading the bands into unexplored aural realms, from the airy notes that danced through the air to the throbbing rhythms that resonated in the listeners’ hearts.