Otis Walder-Robb Obituary News; 12 Years Old Boy Dies In Vietnam After Drowing In A Swimming Pool

Otis Walder-Robb has been identified as the12 years old boy who was in Vietnam with his father Stephen Walder, stepmother Liz Robb and six-year-old sister Betty when he suffered a “tragic accident” on July 7, 2023.

His tragic death is a sad one which is a huge lost to his loved ones and family. May they be strengthened to bear the lost. Rebecca Wegmann a family friend stated that, Otis was found in a swimming pool and four other children pulled him out of the water and rushed him to the hospital where he later died.

Otis Walder is known to be a residence of Pai, Thailand, which  a GoFundMe page was created to assist his family cover funeral costs and travel.

Another family friend named Gemma Anjamanee Piya Tora Lewis were the ones who created the GoFundMe page, they state thta they are waiting to fly back to Bangkok, Thailand.

Otis Walder-Robb Death: Tributes

Ms. Lewis state on the GoFondMe page that ‘Otis Walder-Robb was 12 years old when he took his last breath at 7:57 pm. on 7-7-2023.

‘There is grief and deep sadness amid the hearts of the family, and a growing community is in mourning. We want to use all funds for Otis’ funeral and memorial expenses and to cover all travel and medical expenses for him, his sister Betty, and their parents Steven and Liz to return to their homeland, for the family and his community can celebrate and hold a ceremony for his life.’

Ms Lewis further stated that ‘The family was visiting Vietnam temporarily as they worked at a children’s summer camp. We are all desperate for her 6-year-old daughter to return to our community so she can be in a family environment with friends who miss her dearly.”

The death of Otis is a huge lost as different people has come out to give tribute to his death, one of which refered him to be an “incredible boy” and another describing him as “such a vibrant young man”.

Otis’s father,Stephen Walder,, now suffers the third loss in his life following the death of his wife in 2017 and his son Reuben, who died of a brain tumor in 2020.

Otis’ death is the death death recorded in the family again, which has now become a huge lost for the family. May they be strengthened to bear the lost. May his soul rest i peace.