NI CE SANADI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By YBK

NI CE SANADI is a completed Hausa novel document written by YBK that tells the story of Hannan, a young girl who faces the challenges of school life while also trying to uphold her values and maintain her dignity. The story begins with Hannan entering her classroom and sitting in her usual seat at the front of the classroom. She picks up her book of the Qur’an and begins to read. Suddenly, she feels a whip fall on her back, and she is startled to see a new teacher standing over her. He accuses her of being lazy and not committing to her studies.

Hannan is a hardworking student who takes pride in her studies and her values. She is shocked and upset by the teacher’s accusation and tries to defend herself. The teacher, however, is not convinced and punishes her for being late to class. Hannan is disappointed by the teacher’s behavior, and she feels that he has no right to treat her in such a manner.

As the story progresses, Hannan continues to face challenges in school. She is taunted by some of her classmates, who call her names and make fun of her. Despite this, Hannan remains steadfast and tries to focus on her studies. She continues to read the Qur’an and learns important lessons about life and the world around her.

Throughout the novel, Hannan learns the importance of perseverance and determination. She faces many obstacles, but she never gives up. She also learns about the value of friendship and family. Her cousins, Marwa and Saadia, are a source of support and encouragement for her. They help her to stay positive and to keep working hard, even when things get tough.

The novel also explores themes of culture and tradition. Hannan comes from a traditional Hausa family, and she is proud of her heritage. She wears the hijab and tries to follow the teachings of Islam. However, she also struggles with the expectations of her family and society. She wants to pursue her education and her dreams, but she is often told that girls should not be too ambitious.

Description and Prolouge of NI CE SANADI

She was slowly walking and her mind was lying down, she pushed the door of their classroom and entered and found her usual seat at the front of the classroom and sat down.
She picked up her book of the Qur’an and opened it where she heard it being recited in Surat al-Nisa’i.
Unbeknownst to her, she felt a whip fall on her back. She straightened up in fear
Holding the whip, she looked at the man who whipped her, and added, “Are you okay, ma’am?” She opened her eyes in fear.
“You’re a mouthful with eyes until you ask, do you know where the other children are standing?” He snatched the whip from her hand.
“I saw it, but I don’t know what they did wrong. I just had to stand up without committing a crime.” Indeed, this teacher is no doubt a new teacher, there is no teacher who has ever put even a cut on Hannan’s body in the name of punishment, not in Islam, not even in the secular world. Sam doesn’t want her physical health to be touched, that’s why she keeps all the rules given to her.
“What is your name? He asked me while returning to his seat in front of the screen.
“My name is Hannan AK” She answered briefly.
“And what is AK? At the same time their eyes widened.
She took hers and pushed her mouth to breathe, her eyes narrowed. No one does not know her name wherever she goes. Furthermore she did not want to say her father’s name directly. But it seems that this new teacher is very strict “Hannan Abdulkarim.” She said with a frown.
“Your first crime, Hannan, is not going to school on time. Second, I know that you have nothing to do but be slow and lazy. So why don’t you stand up like the other children who can’t read?” He finished his speech with an evil smile.
“When you say I’m late to school, I agree, but I’m going to study until the end of the day. I’m going to study hard.” She brought the ten verses that were included, and then brought their interpretations in brief.
“When you took an oath, you did atonement, I didn’t hear you make any amends.”
The teacher, not expecting this from Hannan, did not plan to ask each of them to sit down. He looked at Hannan and said, “The punishment for your lateness will follow.” He called one of the school’s teachers and continued to teach them how to read, then he left the class, thinking over and over again. This girl despised him, even talking to him. But he must find a way to punish her, just because he is late is not enough to punish her the way he wants. And her reading today is not enough to put her in the list of those who are not focused on studying.
It was difficult to get out the teacher who was holding them, Hannan found the name of the teacher from their classmates. In other words, the student of Lukhman. Her friends Marwa and Halima (Saadiya), who are also their cousins, sneaked to her side.
Saadia said, “By God, you helped us today, maybe we would have been standing by the time we got up.”
“It is a malice, not second to none,” said Marwa, Sadiya’s sister.
In the same way, the other members of the class, each one of them started to spit out her words, they surrounded her, and they encouraged her more and more.
“So when did he start teaching at this school? I’ve never seen him before.” Hannan said, her eyes narrowed and she kept her mouth shut as she remembered how he called her a second, and how she said her father’s name, and she suddenly felt that she didn’t like him at all.
“It’s because you go to boarding school, and most of the time you’re at Bakori, and he’s not always there, that’s why you never met. It seems like this is the first time you’ve ever met.” Sadia didn’t answer and laughed and slapped her on the back playfully.
Hanan screamed as she squirmed in the direction, right where the man hit her.
“Oh, Hannan, by the way, you’re full of yourself, this little boy.”
“Hmmm, Marwa, you don’t know the pain I felt. May God give me the same kind of whipping he gave me tomorrow.”
“Let’s get used to it,” Marwa answered with a laugh.
The other students of the school were Lukhman’s students and they talked that day, like every time he came.
No lie, he is a perfect young man.
He is a handsome young man with a little height. His hair is loose, this is not lost in his relationship with the Arabs. The look of his face adds to the face of abundance. He also rarely laughs, but he doesn’t frown, so anyone who looks at him will rarely approach him suddenly. A charismatic person.
The origins of their ancestors Lukhman are Arabs of Yemen, but their parents from his father who is the eldest in their house to his seventh youngest brother were born in the city of Kano. The one who is doing business makes them stay at home in the town. Only they and Yamen should go on vacation for a few days to two weeks, every year or two, until they grow up. It even reached the point where the marriage between their families was arranged, where his father Alhaji Muhammadu, nicknamed “Balarabe” and their cousin, Haj Khadijat. This made them Lukhman in Kano to find themselves.
Lukman has now finished his schooling which gave him the position of doctor in the field of education in a Saudi university, (i.e. education). the sector as well. God has given him the love of reading and writing

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