NI DA SHUGABAN KASA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Reefat Yahaya

“Ni Da Shugaban Kasa,” which translates to “Me and Your Chief” in English, is a Hausa novel written by Reefat Yahaya. The story revolves around the lives of Shuairat and her family, who move to Abuja, Nigeria, and their interactions with the president’s family.

The novel begins with Shuairat meeting Abubakar Ahmed Imam, who introduces himself as God’s beloved. Shuairat is intrigued by him, and they say goodbye as he leaves. Later, Shukrah and her aunt arrive, complaining about their grievances and are separated. Shuairat and her family keep meeting them and exchanging greetings.

After they reach Abuja, they move into a beautiful flat with three bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. The master bedroom belongs to their father, while the other two rooms belong to their mother. Shuairat’s brother, Basheer, takes care of them and provides them with food from the president’s house. Shuairat is amazed by her new room’s beauty and praises Basheer’s kind behavior.

The family spends their days peacefully, with Shuairat reading magazines and enjoying her new life in Abuja. The president’s family, especially his young son, catches her eye with his curly hair. Basheer takes care of their needs and provides them with everything they require, including food from the president’s house.

As time passes, Shuairat becomes more and more enamored with the president’s son, but she keeps it a secret. The novel explores the dynamics of their relationship and how it evolves over time.

Reefat Yahaya’s “Ni Da Shugaban Kasa” is a beautiful portrayal of life in Nigeria and the country’s cultural nuances. It highlights the importance of family, relationships, and faith in one’s life. The novel also explores the struggles of everyday life and how people find joy and happiness despite their challenges.

The story’s main protagonist, Shuairat, is a strong, independent woman who faces challenges head-on and rises above them. Her brother, Basheer, is portrayed as a caring and compassionate person who takes care of his family’s needs. The president’s family is shown to be warm and welcoming, despite their high status in society.

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