Nathanel Young Death; British Man Serving In Israeli Army Killed In Hamas Attack

According to his family, Nathanel Young, a British soldier serving in the Israeli army, was killed in an attack by Hamas militants.

Mr. Young was slain on the Gaza border while serving in the Israel Defence Forces. Nathanel Young, according to his brother Eliot Young, was “the life of the party” and “loved by everyone.” Jake Marlowe and Dan Darlington, both British citizens, are still missing in Israel as a result of Saturday’s Palestinian militant attacks.

Young’s brother Eliot said in a statement confirming his death, “Nathanel was full of life and the life of the party.” He adored his family and friends, and he was adored by everyone.” He described Young as someone who “loved music and was a talented DJ” and he “always had strong Jewish pride.”

The soldier was a “happy guy that his four nieces loved to play with,” according to his brother. “When Nathanel could have taken his days off to sleep and recharge, he instead found where the family was, who were not always so close to him, and came to join us,” the statement went on to say. His family wrote in a separate Facebook post,

“We are heartbroken to share that our little brother Nathanel Young was tragically murdered yesterday at the Gaza border.”Young attended JFS, a Jewish school in Kenton, north London, according to British Jewish News.

Earlier, the Israeli embassy in London announced that London-born Marlowe, 26, was missing and that it was unknown whether he had been abducted.

Earlier, the Israeli embassy in London stated that London-born Marlowe, 26, had gone missing and that it was unknown whether he had been kidnapped. Marlowe went missing on Saturday while acting as security at an outdoor party near the Gaza border. His mother told Jewish News that she had spoken to him throughout the attacks.

“Then around 5:30 a.m., she texted me to say, ‘very bad signal, everything good, I’ll keep you posted, I promise,’ and that he loves me,” she went on to claim. He lived in Ma’alot, in northern Israel, she told the publication, and had moved there permanently two years ago. Darlington’s relatives also stated that he had not been in contact with them since Saturday morning.

The photographer is originally from the United Kingdom but now resides in Berlin, Germany, and was visiting friends in Israel. His father, David Darlington, told the BBC that his son was with a German woman and that his half-sister had last spoken to him on Saturday morning. “The communications network is down and we haven’t spoken to him in 24 hours,” she went on to say.

At least 600 people were killed in Israel in a surprise attack by hundreds of Hamas terrorists on Saturday. Hundreds of gunmen stormed southern Israel, killing soldiers and bystanders and kidnapping a “significant number” of hostages in Gaza, according to the army.

Gili Yoskovich, a participant, told the BBC that she hid under a tree in a field as gunmen roamed around and shot everybody they found. The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom stated that it was “contacting and assisting the families of a number of people” in Israel and the Palestinian territories. A representative stated that they were aware of media reports involving British nationals but would not comment on specific situations.