Natalia Bochkareva Obituary News; Putin Ally’s Daughter Found Dead In Her Moscow Apartment

Natalia Bochkareva has been identified as the 44 years old daughter of Putrin’s ally who was found dead in her apartment. ,May her soul rest in peace.

Her father, Vasily Bochkarev, 67, has also passed away in 2016, who the daughter has now been found dead at her condo in Presnensky, Moscow, in July, 2023.

Natalia was reportedly┬á ‘feeling unwell’ in Presnensky District on July 11, before she was then found dead. May her soul rest in peace.

The caretaker of the apartment had informed the police that she stopped responding to the door and her corpse was discovered after the door was forced open by the police.

There were no signs of a violent death of the daughter of the late Vasily, who governed Penza oblast from between 1998 and 2015.

Vasily belonged to Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party but passed away from lung cancer a year after leaving office and Natalia managed the family’s business of lumber-processing and bakery after her father’s passing.

Natalia made headlines two years ago after falling victim to a scam when she sent a fortune-teller RUB 16 million (GBP 136,000) to remove a curse.

Unfortunately, the scammer absconded and broke off all contact with Natalia after receiving payment.

She will be greatly missed by her loved ones and family. May they be strengthened to bear the lost. May her soul ret in peace.