NAFISAT RETURN PART 1 Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Nafisat Isma’il Lawal

Nafisat Isma’il Lawal’s Hausa novel, “Nafisat Return,” is a beautifully written and impressive story. The protagonist, Nafisat, is not only black but also stunningly beautiful, proud of herself, and adorned in a Milk Color Veil. Her face is radiant with a smile that showcases her pure beauty and Dimpul, and in a photo, she stood holding her waist with both hands and raised her head a little, with stick marks, which she didn’t know would be taken. In the picture beside hers, Al’ameen and Babyn are sitting together, wearing powder coats, while Noor and Ikram are leaning on their bodies, all laughing when the photo was taken. On the other side, there are more pictures of the family and their families, and then one was taken to make the whole family. Near the death of Prof. Baby, they all wore similar clothes except for the difference in color that sets them apart.

The story takes place in a family setting, with the grandfather and his three sons sitting in the parlour, discussing how to manage their children’s education now that they have finished their medical studies. They also discussed their wives’ return, with one of the grandmothers on a wheelchair saying that they should return soon to prepare for the upcoming party. However, one of the wives is not yet back because of her father’s critical health condition.

The story then delves into the family dynamics, with Kaka expressing his anger towards Usman, who he thinks is being stubborn and not coming back for the Waliman meeting. Kaka, feeling offended that Usman would not attend the meeting, tells his son to call him and instruct him to come, regardless of what he is doing to prevent him from attending the meeting.

The youngest member of the family, Fadil, enters the parlour and jokingly pulls the beard of Grandfather, who laughs and responds by biting his hand. They discuss Fadil’s fear of Usman, which is still present even though Usman has not been around for years. Grandmother shakes her head, stating that Usman has taught the children of the house to fear him.

Throughout the story, Grandpa’s love for his late wife, Baby, is evident, with tears streaming down his face every day as he looks at over twenty photos of her. His room is a birjik, filled with her photos, and he remembers their life together, laughing and crying.

“Nafisat Return” is a poignant story that showcases the love, dynamics, and tensions of a family. The author’s use of language is impressive and vividly describes the characters and their surroundings, painting a clear picture in the reader’s mind. The story’s themes of love, family, and loss are relatable and will resonate with readers. This book is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys a well-written story that touches the heart.

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