Michael Burham Identified As Pennsylvania Inmate Escapee Caught on Camera

Michael Burham has been identified as the escaped inmate with survival skills who was caught on camera escaping. He  has been on the run for a week, is visible in a doorbell video that Pennsylvania police claim was recorded

Police stated that the sighting was captured south of the town of Warren, a small town in northern Pennsylvania about 60 miles from Lake Erie, around 5 a.m. he told reporters at a news conference on Friday.

Bivens stated that “I won’t tell you what day, I’ll tell you it’s only been the last few days and it’s in an area just south of the city of Warren.”

“I don’t really want to get more specific than that, in the event that Burham can somehow access media reports on things. I don’t want him to know exactly where the cameras are that we’ve received information from and could potentially receive more.

” “I think what he tells us is that he prefers to travel at night,” Bivens said. “It is difficult to travel at night. It’s hard to travel fast at night.”

Lieutenant colonel further stated that, Police believe Burham may have been injured during the prison break and appears to be walking with a slight limp.

Bivens stated that “I think he’s desperate to survive, I think he’s desperate to avoid getting caught by the police.”

Police said they believe this is the latest sighting of the escaped inmate who has been missing for a week. He went on to urge residents to stay vigilant, but added that he has no reason to believe that Burham is a bigger threat on Friday than he was the day before. tearing down certain areas or who need to be more than vigilant, stay away from him and contact the police immediately if they think they may have seen him,” he said.

Burham was in jail on a case of arson and robbery. Police also say he is the suspect in a May homicide in New York. He escaped last Thursday, just before midnight, from an exercise yard atop the Warren County Jail, a facility that houses up to 140 inmates awaiting trial or serving prison sentences of two years or less.

Authorities believe the former military reservist is armed and dangerous. The reward for information leading to Burham’s capture is $22,000.