MATAR SHEGE Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Sadiya Abdul

, Matar Shege is an excellent love novel that is sure to captivate the reader. The story is well-written and takes the reader on an emotional journey filled with suspense, heartbreak, and love. Sadiya Abdul does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life, making the reader feel as though they are part of the story. This novel is a must-read for anyone who loves a good love story.


Matar Shege is a captivating love novel written by Sadiya Abdul that takes the reader through an intriguing journey of love, heartbreak, and finding oneself. The novel is set in Kano, Nigeria, and is narrated by the protagonist, a young woman whose name is yet to be revealed. The novel begins on the seventh day of the first month of the year 2016, a day that marks the beginning of a life-changing experience for the protagonist. As she sits in a car, on her way back to the brigade from her sister’s house, her mind is occupied with thoughts of her lover, who is only two months away from their wedding.

The protagonist’s attention is drawn to a voice beside her, and she turns to see a laundry man showing her the laundry place. She agrees to the request, and as they approach the place, a black car tries to park there. Her attention is drawn to the car, and as the door opens, a man steps out of the car. The protagonist is captivated by his beauty; he is white, with big eyes, a long nose, and a round face. He is wearing a black shirt and black pants, and a black watch adorns his wrist, making his hands look even more beautiful. The protagonist feels an inexplicable feeling in her heart and body, but she tries to ignore it.

The man, whose name is later revealed to be Salim, steps out of the car and puts on a red facing cap. The protagonist is captivated by his every move and tries to know more about him. She asks the laundry man, who is with her, if he knows anything about Salim. The laundry man tells her that Salim is the owner of the laundry, and he eats at a particular time. He also tells her that Salim is not a kind man and that he smokes. The protagonist is intrigued by Salim and asks if the laundry man has his number. The laundry man laughs and tells her that he doesn’t have Salim’s number.

The protagonist is disappointed but still feels a strong desire to know more about Salim. She asks the laundry man to follow Salim if he comes out of the laundry place. The laundry man refuses, telling her that he has a family and is not ready to die. The protagonist laughs and tells him that he won’t die, but the laundry man insists that he might end up in prison. The protagonist gives up and goes home, where she finds Mama Saude, her father’s new wife, cooking rice. Mama Saude is not kind to the protagonist and always blames her for her parents’ separation.

The protagonist goes to her room, where she falls asleep. She is later woken up by the call to afternoon prayer. As she wakes up, she remembers Salim and wonders what he is doing at that moment. The novel takes the reader through the protagonist’s journey of finding herself and the love of her life. As the story unfolds, the reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster, filled with heartbreak, joy, and suspense. The author does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life, making the reader feel as though they are part of the story.

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