MASARAUTAR MU Book 2 Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori

Masarautar Mu Book 3 by Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori is an excellent novel that explores the complexities of love and relationships in the Hausa culture. The author does a fantastic job of depicting the internal conflict that Prince Sageer faces and his eventual redemption. The novel is well-paced, and the plot twists keep the reader engaged throughout. It is a must-read for anyone who loves Hausa love novels and wants to experience the rich culture and traditions of the Hausa people.


Masarautar Mu Book 3 by Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori is a captivating Hausa love novel that explores the themes of love, loyalty, betrayal, and redemption. The novel follows the story of Prince Sageer, who returns from Amsterdam with the intention of marrying Sultana. However, he discovers that his father, Askirama, has already arranged for him to marry Saadatu, the daughter of Bilkisu and Mallam Hashimu. The revelation sends him into a state of confusion and happiness he has never experienced before.

The novel starts with Prince Sageer being beaten in front of his father, Askirama, in a weak and silent voice, indicating he has been through a lot. He questions his father’s decision to arrange his marriage without asking for his opinion, but he accepts his father’s decision nonetheless. This scene sets the tone for the novel and hints at the internal conflict that Prince Sageer will face throughout the story.

As the novel progresses, Prince Sageer begins to develop feelings for Saadatu, his arranged bride. He realizes that his life has become complete since he met her, and he feels a sense of contentment he has never experienced before. However, Saadatu is angry about the marriage and locks herself in her room. Prince Sageer’s father advises him to wait until after the festival before visiting her, which he agrees to.

The novel then delves deeper into Prince Sageer’s past and how he has been guilty of many crimes, which he asks for forgiveness for. He wants to rid himself of his father’s shame and hold Saadatu with trust. This shows the character’s development throughout the story and how he wants to change for the better.

The novel also explores the theme of loyalty and betrayal through the character of Sultana. She had expected to marry Prince Sageer but was left disappointed when she found out he was going to marry someone else. She then starts to plot against him and his new bride, which leads to a series of events that threaten to tear the couple apart.

Despite the challenges they face, Prince Sageer and Saadatu’s love for each other remains steadfast. They navigate their way through the difficulties and emerge victorious in the end. The novel ends on a happy note with the couple getting married, and Prince Sageer’s redemption complete.

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