MASARAUTAR MU Book 1 Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori

Masarautar Mu is a love novel written by Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori. The novel is set in Tsanyawa, a local government area in the city of Kano, Nigeria. The story revolves around the life of Sa’ade, the protagonist, and her quest for love amidst the challenges she faces in her home and community. The novel is divided into two books, and this description is focused on the first book.


The novel starts with Malam Hashimu, Sa’ade’s father, returning home from the village market with his bicycle loaded with assorted soups and boiled cassava. Malam Hashimu is a well-respected elder in Tsanyawa town, and he is dedicated to providing for his family. Upon his arrival, he hears the cries of his daughter, Sa’ade, who has been beaten by Inna Laure, the woman he married after the death of Sa’ade’s mother.

Inna Laure is a cruel woman who despises Sa’ade and treats her like a servant in her own home. She does not allow Sa’ade to attend school and forces her to sell her wares in the market. Inna Laure is also scheming to marry Sa’ade off to a wealthy man in the community for financial gain.

Malam Hashimu is heartbroken by the treatment his daughter receives from Inna Laure, but he is unable to confront her due to his submissive nature. He takes Sa’ade to his room and provides her with food and comfort. Sa’ade tells her father about her struggles in the market and her desire to attend school. Malam Hashimu promises to support his daughter’s education and encourages her to persevere.

As the story progresses, Sa’ade’s life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Aliyu, a handsome and wealthy young man who has returned from his studies abroad. Aliyu is immediately smitten by Sa’ade’s beauty and intelligence and seeks to win her heart. However, their love faces several obstacles, including Inna Laure’s disapproval, Aliyu’s overbearing mother, and a rival suitor who is determined to marry Sa’ade.

Despite these challenges, Sa’ade and Aliyu’s love continues to blossom, and they overcome each obstacle together. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about love, family, and the importance of education.

The novel is a beautiful portrayal of Hausa culture, language, and traditions. It captures the essence of family, community, and the struggles faced by young women in patriarchal societies. Sumayya Abdulkadir Takori’s writing is vivid and engaging, and she succeeds in transporting the reader to the world of Tsanyawa and its people.

In conclusion, Masarautar Mu is a heartwarming love story that explores themes of family, education, and tradition. The novel is an excellent introduction to Hausa literature and is highly recommended for readers who enjoy romance novels and stories that highlight the resilience of the human spirit.

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