Marva Cosby Obituary News: Board Member and Fund Holder of Dayton Foundation Passed Away

Marva Cosby Obituary News: Board Member and Fund Holder of Dayton Foundation Passed Away

The Dayton Foundation regretfully announces the passing of Marva Cosby, our beloved friend, cherished fund holder, and respected member of the Governing Board. Our hearts and the Greater Dayton community are deeply saddened by Marva’s passing, and her influence and legacy will always be valued and remembered.

In addition to serving on our board, Marva Cosby was a fervent supporter of The Dayton Foundation and the causes it supports. She stood out as a ray of hope and an inspiration to everyone she had the honor of knowing because of her steadfast dedication to our cause and her abiding enthusiasm for improving the lives of others.

Marva consistently showed excellent leadership, integrity, and commitment to furthering the Foundation’s aims and objectives during her time on the Governing Board. Her discernment, sagacity, and unwavering support were invaluable in determining our organization’s course and guaranteeing its sustained prosperity in meeting the needs of the Greater Dayton region. Marva’s influence went much beyond her position on the Board.

She was an avid supporter of numerous local causes and organizations, giving freely of her time, talent, and treasure. Everything she did was driven by her desire to positively impact other people’s lives, and her legacy of kindness and giving will never cease to uplift and inspire us all.

We are reminded of the significant influence Marva Cosby had on our organization and the innumerable lives she touched via her charitable initiatives as we grieve her passing. Her commitment, kindness, and legacy of service will always be a part of The Dayton Foundation and the Greater Dayton area. Let’s recommit ourselves to upholding Marva’s tradition of generosity and genuinely improving the lives of those in need in her name. May we never stop aiming for greatness, kindness, and service in everything we do, knowing that Marva’s spirit will always lead and inspire us.

We extend our sincere condolences to Marva’s friends, family, and everyone who had the honor of getting to know her. I hope you find solace in the memories cherished and the legacy bestowed by this extraordinary woman, whose compassion, generosity, and unrelenting dedication to improving the world impacted the lives of so many. Peace be with you, Marva. The people whose lives you have impacted and whose hearts you have warmed will continue to radiate your light.