MALLAKIN WAYE Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Queen Samy

Description of Mallakin Waye

Mallakin Waye is a novel written by Queen Samy that tells the story of a family in the aftermath of the death of the matriarch. The novel revolves around the family of Irfaan, who is struggling to come to terms with his mother’s death. In the opening scene, Irfaan is seen hugging Nilam, and Amma, his mother, looks at him with sympathy for her son and grandchildren.

A week after the death of the mother, the family members are seen sitting in the yard with fruits and small cups of fruit salad in front of them. Daddy is holding Nilam, and Amir and Aiman are playing on the other side. The family is waiting for Irfaan, who is still grieving and struggling to accept the loss. He is seen wearing a red armless shirt with a three-quarter length, and his face is full of pain.

When Irfaan finally comes out of the house, he is greeted by his father, who is waiting for him to make a decision. Irfaan is torn between staying in the US to continue his university education and returning to his home country. However, before he can speak, his sister Nadiya interrupts and accuses their father of planning to remarry. The argument that ensues causes Nadiya to run into her room and cry, leaving her father and brothers to console her.

The novel is a tale of love, loss, and family dynamics. The author portrays the various emotions that family members go through in the aftermath of a death in the family. Mallakin Waye is a novel that explores themes such as grief, love, and family unity. The author does an excellent job of describing the emotions that the family members go through and how they try to cope with their loss. The novel is a heartwarming tale of family bonds and how they can withstand even the toughest of times. Overall, Mallakin Waye is a must-read for anyone who enjoys stories of love and family.

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