MALEEKA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Abdul D Boy

Maleeka is a Hausa novel written by Abdul D Boy, which tells the story of a young woman named Maleeka who falls ill and is taken to the hospital by a handsome and caring young man named Islam Ahmed Hashim. The story revolves around the relationships between Maleeka, Islam, and the people in their lives.

Islam Ahmed Hashim is a perfect man with a beautiful face, broad chest, and white hair. He loves Islam more than anything else, and his age is around 33-34. Islam’s parents are Ahmad Hashim and Zuwairah, and they have five daughters, including Mufeedah, Samiyah, Aysha, and Sardeyyeh. Islam’s father is a scholar, and they live in a big house with everything they need.

When Islam takes Maleeka to the hospital, the doctor treats her, and Islam takes care of her, showing his caring nature. He is always concerned about her well-being, and even when he is at home, his thoughts are for her. Islam’s mother, Mufeedah, also loves him deeply, and they have a close relationship.

After Maleeka recovers, Islam takes her home and provides her with food. Maleeka is silent and confused, but Islam is patient and kind with her, asking her to wash up and sit on the carpet to eat. He brings her a plate of food, and they sit together in silence for a few minutes.

The story of Maleeka and Islam is a beautiful and heartwarming tale of love and care. The author, Abdul D Boy, tells the story with great attention to detail, describing the characters and their relationships in a way that is both realistic and captivating. The novel is written in Hausa, a language spoken by millions of people in West Africa, and it is sure to delight readers with its rich cultural references and vivid storytelling.

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