Bismillahir rahmanir rahim

All praise is due to Allah (S.W.A) who gave me the ability to enter a new book.

I made this book to be informative, entertaining, educational and to give the situation we are in now.

The good thing is to use the lesson in it and not ignore what is not good in the book

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*This page is dedicated to all those who like my book and who send me a message about the release of this book*

*Thank you very much for your attention*

*I always despise you*

*Mufida Mu’azu*

(Author of Auren Dole)

*I will never get tired of showing my care to you because of the way you inspire me*,

*I have nothing to say to you except to say that God will love you and fulfill your needs*


DEENAH by Khadeeja Candy

* Do you know where our sins are placed while we pray?

The Messenger of God (S.A.W) said: Every time a servant prays, all his sins are placed on his neck and shoulders. so let’s extend the prostration and bowing so that our sins are reduced.