MAI ZAMAN KANTA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mujaheeda Matar Malam

Mai Zaman Kanta is a Hausa love novel written by Mujaheeda Matar Malam that tells a captivating story of love, passion, and betrayal in the Hausa society. The novel follows the life of the beautiful and confident protagonist, Mai Zaman, who despite the odds against her, rises above the expectations of society to pursue her dreams and desires.


As the story begins, we see Mai Zaman walking slowly towards the bridge, her black dress and skirt flowing behind her, her body moving gracefully to the rhythm of her steps. She wears a small scarf, leaving her head uncovered, and her eyes behind a pair of glasses. She chews gum, which irritates Aikatar, who laughs at the sound. It is clear that Mai Zaman is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and unafraid to be herself.

Upon entering her office, Mai Zaman meets with the Managing Director of her department, who greets her with respect and admiration. It is clear that Mai Zaman is well-respected and appreciated by her colleagues, and her confidence and competence are apparent.

The story also introduces us to the company where Mai Zaman works, AMREESH GLARY AND SHOES LUXURY’S, whose logo is a shining and colorful representation of the company’s name. Mai Zaman is dedicated to her work, and she always ensures that the company’s needs are met.

However, Mai Zaman’s life is not all about work. She has a family who she cares deeply for, and we see her interact with her sisters in one scene. Although her sisters are not always supportive of her, Mai Zaman is patient and loving towards them, even when they are disrespectful. It is evident that Mai Zaman values family and loyalty, even when it is not reciprocated.

The novel also explores the theme of love, as Mai Zaman finds herself falling for a man named Neeru. Neeru is a complicated character, and their relationship is filled with passion and betrayal. The story takes a dramatic turn as Mai Zaman discovers the truth about Neeru’s past and must decide whether to forgive him or move on from their relationship.

Throughout the novel, Mujaheeda Matar Malam masterfully weaves together themes of love, family, loyalty, and betrayal, all set against the backdrop of Hausa society. The story is engaging and relatable, and readers will be drawn into Mai Zaman’s world as they follow her journey of self-discovery and love.

In conclusion, Mai Zaman Kanta is a beautifully written novel that tells a captivating story of love, passion, and betrayal in Hausa society. Mujaheeda Matar Malam’s skillful storytelling will keep readers engaged from start to finish as they follow Mai Zaman’s journey of self-discovery and love. The novel is a must-read for anyone who loves a good love story set in a rich cultural context.

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