MACIJINE SHI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mammy Kabeer

The MACIJINE SHI novel written by Mammy Kabeer tells the story of a young Fulani girl named Shatu who is just 15 or 16 years old. The novel begins with a description of Shatu in her traditional divorce dress, which covers her body up to her waist. Despite her youth, Shatu exudes a certain grace and beauty that makes her stand out. Her long, thin nose, small mouth, and big, sleeping eyes are a sight to behold.

Shatu is out grazing her cattle when she notices that a storm is coming. She quickly rounds up her herd and sets off for home. As she walks, her stick held high, she exudes a sense of calm and confidence. However, as the storm intensifies, Shatu’s joy turns to worry, and she feels her body growing colder by the minute. She finally reaches her home, where she is greeted by a middle-aged woman who berates her for not fetching water.

The woman, who is evidently a cruel and abusive figure in Shatu’s life, hits her with her walking stick, causing her to fall and injure her hand. Despite her pain, Shatu must fetch water for the woman, and she sets off to the stream. On the way, she encounters a snake, which terrifies her and causes her to cry out for help.

The novel’s opening scene sets the stage for the challenges and difficulties that Shatu will face throughout the book. She is a young girl living in a society that values women only for their ability to marry and bear children. Shatu is constantly belittled and abused by the people around her, and she must fight to overcome these obstacles and achieve her goals.

Despite the difficult circumstances she faces, Shatu is a resilient and determined character. She has a strong sense of self and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Throughout the novel, she demonstrates her intelligence, resourcefulness, and courage as she fights for her own survival and that of her community.

The MACIJINE SHI novel is a powerful and moving work of fiction that offers a glimpse into the lives of women in rural Nigeria. Mammy Kabeer’s writing is lyrical and evocative, capturing the beauty and brutality of life in the countryside. Through Shatu’s story, the reader gains a deeper understanding of the challenges and struggles faced by women in this part of the world, and the strength and resilience required to overcome them.

Description and Prolouge of MACIJINE SHI

I saw a beautiful girl dressed in Fulani clothes, that is a divorce dress and her cloth, both the cloth and a little past her waist, but she tied the cloth that covered her belly so that no one could see her body in the daytime.

Farace has a yellow-yellow skin, she has a long and beautiful face with a long thin nose to the bow, her mouth is small like a worm’s nest, she has big eyes that seem to be sleeping, and her eyelashes are thin.
And her eyebrows, like the ones that Mata has been set on, in front of her forehead some small hairs are loose like those of babies.
Masha Allah, she met the girl, she is a tall woman with no body, but God has trained her hips.

All in all, this girl is not more than 15/16 years old, but one look at her will tell you that God created the house.

A Fulani-like walking stick raises her arms up, it seems that she wants to join some herds of cattle that are grazing in a beautiful desert.

She went to the cows that were a little far away from her, her daughter was lifting the trunk of a tree and watching how they grazed their cattle.

She raised her head and looked at how the town was putting together some kind of danger, and it seemed that water could always come down.
“Come, let’s go home, my friends, don’t let the rain come down and touch us, because I don’t want to catch a cold.”
She was speaking to them in Fulani, raising her stick. Acting as if they heard what she was saying, they started to make their way home.
She smiled as she followed them, raising her stick higher so that they could hurry home.

They were walking in the red road alone, but these herds of cows, there were no signs of fear around her, and the little singer kept on raising her stick in the air.

They walked for about five minutes, then I started to see their huts a little further.
The light on the girl’s face started to fade like the sun’s light fades when it comes to fall. Suddenly worry replaced her joy, I saw her body was so cold that they ended up in a hut at the beginning of the dress, which seems to be their home.

The herd of cows came first and she tied them tightly and then went inside the house with greetings.
When it started to rain.

There was no one in the courtyard of their house, so she relaxed and went to a hut quickly.
Before she could reach the door of the hut, she was hit by a middle-aged woman and her walking stick fell to the ground.

Afrigice turned her body around and danced like a lioness, and quickly ran to the woman’s place and shouted at her.
“Gani gawggo” she said in a trembling voice. I looked at the woman, even though she said that she was dirty and careless, she had a white mouth, and she had a very strong body, and her face showed no signs of mercy.
She was standing at the door of her hut, hugging the girl who was kneeling in front of her.
In distress and disaster, the woman began to speak in her bad voice.

“When you are trying to enter the room, will your father fetch the water? Or did you leave your servant in the house?” the woman said with wide eyes.
The girl’s head was down, her body was shaking and she started talking
“God is sorry, I’m sorry, the water is a little low, that’s why I didn’t pick it up,” she said in a trembling voice with fear.

A stupid slap the woman gave her in disbelief and pity that she has just come back from grazing and she has not eaten but she is trying to push the stream again.

“You bad-tempered boy, now you have to fetch me this water, your father’s son is a whore,” the woman said, looking at the girl in disbelief.

She fell down hard and her hand hit a stone that was standing in the middle of the house.

Kara was in agony, clutching her hand in pain.
“Wow, my hand is broken, my wrist is broken,” he said as she fell in pain.

“Shege wllh the right will break everyone’s happiness girl like a fairy, are you more beautiful than anyone else? I hate you, I hate you, I don’t like this ugly face of yours, men, get up and burn your house and die, everyone can rest” said the woman in distress pure hatred for Fattun.
In a hurry, she stood up, grabbed a plastic bucket and left crying, which is heartbreaking for anyone who sympathizes.

She walked a long way before she came to the stream, until she was crying in her hand and he was shaking her, she fetched the water quickly and the water started to be strong.

Said what? she was turning around and a very big snake broke its head and was panting.

Some kind of terrible fear, her body should immediately start shaking until the bucket falls to the ground and explodes.

This is the violence that has not been given a day, the maximum of confusion and violence this girl has gone through.
She put her hands on her and made her cry louder.

“Wow, I’m dead, I’m dying, I’m dying, he’s going to take my life, he’s going to kill my father! Oh, God! Help me.”
She said

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