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Lynda Kirk Death, A Beloved Soul Lynda Kirk Passed Away At 72

Lynda Kirk Death: A Beloved Soul Lynda Kirk Passed Away At 72. Leaving behind a legacy of strong familial ties and warmth and love, Lynda Faye Kirk was a dearly loved soul. On February 15, 2024, Lynda, 72, passed away. She left behind a rich tapestry of memories laced with love, humor, and a lifetime of shared experiences. We pay homage to Lynda’s journey, embrace her family, and say goodbye to a woman whose influence extended well beyond her time on this planet. The hearts of those left behind have the indelible mark of Lynda Faye Kirk. Her loving spouse Donald E. Kirk, a traveling companion who supported her through every success and adversity in life, is her surviving spouse.

Lynda Faye Kirk’s brother Bill (Barbara) Rowe was a member of her family, having ties to him through both brothers and sisterhood. As they traveled through life together, they pieced together a mosaic of recollections that served as the cornerstone of their close relationship as a family. Bill, Lynda’s brother, demonstrated the strength that comes from family by being a rock during both hacappy and sad moments.

We acknowledge the existence of those who passed away before Lynda. Lynda Rowe grew up with her parents, James and Effie Rowe, as her foundation. Alongside her siblings Carl Edward Rowe, James Rowe, and Betty Sue Holder, she traversed the journey of life. Even though they have passed away physically, their spirits continue to live on in the treasured memories and common experiences that shape Lynda’s story.