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Linda Lee Cavinee Obituary: Uniontown and formerly of Farmington, Linda Lee Cavinee Passed Away At 83

Linda Lee Cavinee Obituary: Uniontown and formerly of Farmington, Linda Lee Cavinee Passed Away At 83. Linda Lee Kisner Cavinee was a remarkable individual who profoundly impacted the lives of those who had the good fortune to encounter her. Linda was born on November 16, 1940, in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Her life story took place over several decades, with periods of love, devotion, and service. At the age of 83, Linda Lee Kisner Cavinee passed away in Uniontown Hospital on February 14, 2024, leaving behind a legacy that is still felt today because of her unselfish contributions and the love she had for her family and friends. The setting of Linda’s story started in Uniontown, the town where her parents, the late Omer and Madge Jones Kisner, were born.

Linda Kisner Cavinee was not without its share of sadness. Carrying the memories of loved ones who passed on before her, she moved through life with elegance and strength. Linda said goodbye to her sisters, Betty Matthews, Gypsie Fretwell, and Freda Radabaugh, weaving a legacy of memory that she carried with her all through her life. Her roots, deeply ingrained in the rich soil of her family’s history, set the stage for the kind and strong lady she would grow up to be. Linda lived a great life, characterized by love, integrity, and service, principles she embraced from an early age. Linda joyfully crossed the stage to receive her diploma from Uniontown High School in 1958.

Linda Lee Kisner Cavinee, a woman whose influence endures forever. With every word acting as a brushstroke, the story of Linda’s journey is brought to life, from her modest upbringing in Uniontown to her time spent serving in the US Navy and the deep love she encountered along the way. This story demonstrates Linda’s colorful life, which was well-lived and greatly loved by all who knew her. The Navy created a bonding community that served as the cornerstone for a long-lasting relationship. In addition to her time in the military, Linda was an active member of Central Christian Church, where her commitment in the community and faith enriched her personality. Her simultaneous dedication to her faith and her service to others demonstrated Linda’s diverse outlook on life.

We acknowledge that Linda Lee Kisner Cavinee’s legacy endures in the hearts of people she touched as we say our final goodbyes to her. For everyone who had the honor of knowing her, her tenacity, dedication to helping others, and love remain a beacon of hope. Within the fabric of Uniontown’s past and the wider story of American nationalism, Linda’s story serves as a moving reminder of the resilience inherent in unselfish commitment and the eternal influence of love. Peace be with you, Linda. The people that come after you will always find inspiration and illumination in your journey.