Leslie Yound Death News: Teenager Gunned Down in Apparent Gang-Related Shooting on Newtown Barracks

In Belize City, a teen was fatally shot in what appeared to be a gang-related shooting shortly after midnight. Leslie Young, a 19-year-old, was attacked while strolling through Newtown Barracks at approximately 12:45.

According to authorities, Young was reportedly leaving a local nightclub after socializing and en route to the Princess Casino when he tragically lost his life in a fatal shooting incident. Young made an unsuccessful attempt to flee the gunshots by scaling the Mexican Embassy’s fence and entering the complex.

The fisherman was shot several times and died within the compound after collapsing. According to sources, Love News has learned that Young was allegedly linked to the BLC gang. Authorities have stated that this gang is currently involved in a fierce gang conflict, resulting in the tragic death of Jordan Burns back in November.

In a recent development, it has been reported that Young’s murder is believed to be linked to an ongoing feud, which law enforcement officials are actively striving to address and resolve. Young, a familiar face to the law. In 2021, a man became a suspect in the murder of a minor.

In a turn of events, he found himself at the center of controversy in 2022 when he faced accusations of shooting at a residence. However, in a surprising twist, the charges against him were ultimately dropped. In a recent development, Young has been charged with the attempted murder of Sheldon Thomas, who was shot at his residence on Hercelet Moody Street.