Larry Peter Roberts Death; Identified As Man Found Dead In Swimming Pool

It was discovered yesterday evening at La Romain that the body of a man who was 48 years old was uncovered in a pool.

La Romain resident Larry Peter Roberts, who resided on Horizon Drive in Bel Air, has been identified as the person who passed away. This individual was rumored to be a security guard.

Around 6:30 o’clock in the evening, his body was found laying face down in a pool that was located along Horizon Drive.

As the body was evacuated from the site, numerous attempts were made to bring him back to life; nevertheless, these efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

Responding to the call was a group of officers commanded by Inspector Maharaj and Sergeant Seetaram. For the purpose of determining the cause of death, a post-mortem examination has been mandated.

PC Harripersad is carrying on with their investigations. More information on this will be provided when it becomes available. May the soul rest in peace.