Kevin Burbank Obituary, Native Of Chelsea And A 1973 Graduate.

Kevin Burbank, a proud resident of Chelsea and a 1973 alumnus of Chelsea High School, received the coveted Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” Award on Saturday, October 29 during a ceremony held at Laconia Municipal Airport in New Hampshire.

A candidate must accrue 50 years or more of U.S. flying experience—calculated from their first solo flight—in order to be eligible for the Wright Brothers MPA. They also have to continue to reside in or hold U.S. citizenship for the full 50 years. Although a spotless record is not required, any incidents or violations are closely examined.

Kevin Burbank took his first airplane ride when he was six or seven years old, marking the beginning of his aviation career. Robert, his older brother, who graduated from CHS in 1956 and currently works as a flight instructor at Post Mills Airport, was a major influence in his introduction to aviation. When Kevin started taking lessons in October 1968, Robert was designated as his flight teacher.

On March 6, 1971, Kevin made his first solo flight and obtained his student pilot license. He put quite a lot of labor at the airport, mowing runways and shovelling hangar roofs, to pay for his training. Growing up in Chelsea on a five-generation family Jersey dairy farm, Kevin wondered how he would combine his love of aviation with farming.

Kevin chose to spend a year at VTC before joining in the U.S. Army in October 1974, despite Principal David Corey’s best efforts to get him an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy. Kevin spent the majority of his three-year assignment as a helicopter mechanic at Fort Lewis in Washington, where he also obtained many ratings by flying frequently with the base’s flying club.

Kevin started private aviation in Tacoma after his stint ended, and he shocked his family with a cross-country Christmas visit. After that, he went back to his old job at the Post Mills airfield and then relocated to Twin Mountain Airport in northern New Hampshire. Up until 1984, Kevin worked as a flight teacher, making a positive impact on the aviation community and receiving recognition for his accomplishments.

As a charter pilot and flying instructor in Manchester/Laconia, Kevin Burbank has made numerous noteworthy contributions to aviation over his career. He worked with Precision Air for ten years, then Sky Bright for another ten. In addition to his work as a charter pilot, Kevin has been a recognized flight teacher with Concord Aviation Services since 2006. As Zeb Allen, a senior at Chelsea High School, needed help flying alone and earning his student pilot’s license for his senior project, he was a crucial flight instructor in 2007.