Ken Mariscal Car Accident: Philippines Singer, Ken Mariscal Killed in “Tragic” Car Crash

Ken Mariscal Car Accident: Philippines Singer, Ken Mariscal Killed in “Tragic” Car Crash

Ken Mariscal Car Accident: In a sad hit-and-run incident last night, Ken Mariscal, a rising musician and independent contractor from Davao City in the Philippines, lost his life. Continue reading to find out how Ken Mariscal passed away, what happened to him, and who the other driver was in the collision.

Mariscal, a singer from Davao, was very well known. Due to his beautiful voice and humble demeanor, he acquired a sizable fan base online.

Ken Mariscal, Singer Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

Last night, while walking on an empty road, Filipino musician Ken Mariscal was struck by a white SUV, resulting in a fatal accident.

The automobile hit him, but instead of stopping, it took off. Around Mariscal, the throng gathered close to the accident.

However, none of them attempted to take the badly hurt man right away to the hospital. They were observed taking pictures and making movies instead. Mariscal had passed away by the time he was transported to the nearest hospital.

According to medical professionals, Ken Mariscal passed away on July 8, 2023, as a result of the severe injuries he acquired in the hit-and-run accident. An investigation is started to identify the offender.

Who was Ken Mariscal?

Filipino singer Ken Mariscal was on the rise. He was from Davao City. He performed at numerous events as a freelancer and as a vocalist for several bands. Recently, Mariscal was employed by Salford College in Australia as an offshore representative.

Prior to this, he attended Ateneo de Davao University to study media and communication. Later, he began working as a sales representative for Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water for Ant Savvy Creatives Inc. He participated in Talent Edge as well and advanced to the final round.

Mariscal worked as a singer for the most of his career in Davao City’s music and events sectors.

Mariscal was a former “Tawag ng Tanghalan” (It’s Showtime) contestant and is best known for hosting “Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka, Davao!”