Kajal Sahu Death News: 22-year-old woman shot dead in MP, India, accused arrested

Red and blue police lights close up on a crime scene.

In a tragic incident, a 22-year-old woman lost her life due to a fatal gunshot in Madhya Pradesh’s Narsinghpur district, according to local authorities. The police have taken swift action and apprehended the alleged perpetrator on Friday.

In a recent statement, the police revealed that an incident occurred on Thursday night involving a victim named Kajal Sahu. The victim was reportedly returning home from Jabalpur at the time of the incident.

According to the police, the victim was shot as she exited the Narsinghpur railway station. In a tragic incident, locals swiftly transported Sahu to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately, she tragically succumbed to her injuries shortly thereafter. The incident, which took place at the railway station, was captured on a CCTV camera.

In response to the received information, law enforcement swiftly took action and apprehended the individual in question, who has been identified as Devendra Patel, on Friday.

According to initial findings, it appears that the victim and the accused were involved in a relationship for a number of years. However, the investigation into the case is still ongoing.

In a statement to the press, SDOP Bhavna Maravi confirmed that the accused individual was currently undergoing interrogation.

On Friday, a protest was staged by the victim’s family and villagers at the Narsinghpur highway. They demanded stringent punishment for the accused.

According to the family, the accused has allegedly been engaging in harassment towards her for a period of two years.