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Justina Hughes Accident; Victim, Justina Hughes Passes Away In Fatal Syracuse Car Crash On New Year’s Day

Justina Hughes Accident; Victim, Justina Hughes Passes Away In Fatal Syracuse Car Crash On New Year’s Day

Three people lost their lives on New Year’s Day when Michael Avery, a man from Syracuse, intentionally crashed his car into a crowd leaving a moe event at the Kodak Center. Rochester police officials are still baffled by the reasons behind this sad tragedy.

The accused culprit, Avery, perished in the flaming collision as well, leaving detectives to struggle to understand why he took deliberate action. As guests started to leave the Kodak Center on West Ridge Road, the unnerving incident took place.

Justina Hughes and Joshua Orr, who were riding in the back of an Uber when Avery, armed with a leased SUV full of gasoline cans, sped towards the gathering, according to the authorities. Thankfully, the driver received treatment and was released the following day.

Sadly, Dawn Revette, a pedestrian hurt in the collision, passed away from her wounds later that week. Investigators have searched extensively, but they have not found any evidence that suggests extremist influences on Avery’s behavior.

“We’ve also determined that he came to Rochester at least twice in December prior to the attack,” said Rochester Police Chief David Smith, providing details on Avery’s movements before the tragedy.

We also know that he was in the vicinity of the Kodak Theater for several hours the night before the attack, maybe scouting the area. In addition, he went to the theater the night of the attack and bought a concert ticket, which he never used.

Rather, Avery loitered around the theater and the surrounding parking lots before launching his assault.

Law enforcement has been unable to identify any co-conspirators or determine a motive for the horrific attack in spite of these data.

At this point in the investigation, law enforcement has been unable to identify the existence of any co-conspirators or any possible motive behind this attack,” Chief Smith said in response to questions.

Chief Smith was evasive when asked for a workable theory regarding Avery’s behavior, leaving the community waiting for more information in the ongoing inquiry.