Justin Henson Obituary – Death: Field Service Coordinator, Justin Henson Died from Cardiac Arrest

Justin Henson Obituary – Death: Field Service Coordinator, Justin Henson Died from Cardiac Arrest

Justin Henson Obituary News: On July 6, 2023, Justin Henson, a Field Service Coordinator at the Hamilton County Community Corrections and a citizen of Noblesville, Indiana, passed away.

Justin passed away when he was 41 years old. The neighborhood was in shock and dismay when the devoted husband and father of two went away suddenly on Thursday morning due to a heart arrest. His contribution to his neighborhood will always be cherished.

What was Justin Henson’s cause of death?

According to a source, heart arrest caused Justin Henson’s death. On Thursday, his devoted wife posted on social media that he had passed away.

Who is Justin Henson?

Justin Henson was a devoted husband to Cari Henson and a loving son to Danny Henson. He was a devoted and thoughtful father to his son Cole Henson and daughter Cassidy Henson.

From 2001 through 2006, he studied at Indiana State University, earning a B.S. in criminology. Prior to becoming a Field Service Coordinator, he worked as a corrections officer with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in Noblesville, Indiana, from 2006 until 2011.

Known for being a devoted husband to his wife and a caring father to his son and daughter, Justin Henson was a fantastic man. He was a remarkable character in his family’s lives because of his everlasting dedication to them, which was obvious in every part of his life.

Justin was the epitome of what it means to love and be devoted as a husband. His trust, respect, and intense affection for his wife served as the cornerstone of their relationship.

Every moment he had with her was treasured, and he always tried to be the greatest partner he could be. The consistent encouragement and support of Justin enabled his wife to confidently pursue her goals and take on the obstacles of life. However, Justin really excelled in his role as a father.

Being a father was more than just a title for him; it was a daily source of happiness and contentment. There were no limits to Justin’s affection for his kids. He committed all of his time, effort, and focus to fostering their intellectual and emotional development.