John Patrick Obituary; John Patrick Passed Away.

The Honorable Luis Chavit Singson bid his beloved nephew, the former Vigan City Councilor John Patrick “JP” Singson, farewell on a terrible occasion on October 10, 2023. In Vigan, “JP” Singson held the position of city councilor. “JP” Singson served on the Vigan City Council during that time.

JP Singson’s departure on September 30, 2023, has left a void in the lives of his family, friends, and the larger community as a whole. It is obvious that John Patrick “JP” Singson’s departure has left a huge void in the lives of many people since they still talk highly and affectionately of him despite the fact that he has been gone for a long time.

By donating his time without receiving any payment and giving his all to the tasks that were given to him while he was a member of the Vigan City Council in the past, he made a significant impact on both the residents of the city and the city itself.

The soul of John Patrick “JP” Singson, who died away, is in our thoughts and prayers as we gather together in sadness and pay our respects to him. I pray that he will be able to find the peace and quiet that he so badly seeks, away from the chaos of this world and in the company of angels.