John Jack Real Obituary News: Resident of Watertown John Jack Real Passed Away

John Jack Real Obituary News: Resident of Watertown John Jack Real Passed Away

We regret to inform you of the demise of Ret. Det. Lt. John “Jack” Real. On February 15, 2024, Lt. Real, a cherished Watertown citizen for his whole life, passed away quietly. Forever, those who knew and loved him will treasure his legacy of commitment, service, and compassion. Lt.

Real started working for the Watertown Police Department on December 29, 1966, marking the start of his tenure. In his thirty-two years of selfless community service, he consistently showed professionalism and dedication. As he advanced through the ranks, Lt. Real demonstrated honesty and initiative, finally earning the prestigious title of Lieutenant.

Lt. Real worked in the detective unit of the WPD, where he prosecuted cases with care and commitment. He was respected and well-liked by both the community and his colleagues for his unwavering commitment to justice and excellent work ethic. He made a lasting impression on the department as the Lieutenant in charge of the division, continuing to uphold the highest standards of performance.

In addition to his career achievements, Lt. Real was renowned for his generosity, compassion, and unshakable commitment to his family. He was a kind spouse, father, and grandfather who made a positive impact on everyone in his vicinity with his support and affection. For many decades to come, people will be inspired and uplifted by Lt. Real’s legacy of love and charity.

We find solace in the knowledge that Lt. Real left behind a legacy of compassion and service as we say goodbye to him. His influence on people’s lives will endure for years to come, and his contributions to the Watertown community will be warmly remembered. Even though he is no longer with us, everyone who had the honor of knowing him will carry his spirit with them forever.

We extend our sincere gratitude and respect for Ret. Det. Lt. John “Jack” Real’s departure. May you find peace in the knowledge that many people’s lives have been positively impacted by your commitment and selflessness. Forever, your memory will bring solace and motivation to everyone who had the honor of knowing you. Let Lt. Real rest in peace. Although you will be sadly missed, your legacy will endure.