João Donato Obituary – Death: Legendary Brazilian Composer, João Donato Passes Away

João Donato Obituary – Death: Legendary Brazilian Composer, João Donato Passes Away

João Donato Obituary: João Donato, a veteran composer and pianist from Brazil’s Amazon, died after a lengthy and glorious career earlier today.

Who was João Donato?
On August 17, 1934, Joo Donato de Oliveira Neto was born in Acre, an Amazonian state on the western edge of Brazil. He became a jazz pianist and composer as an adult. Donato developed a passion for music at a young age.

At the age of barely 15, he made his accordion debut at the Sinatra-Farney Fan Club. He first recorded with Altamiro Carrilho, and after that, he joined the group that violinist Fafá Lemos was leading. The band performed at nightclubs in Brazil.

In 1953, Donato’s debut solo record was made available. He was the leader of the boss nova group Os Namorados, best known for performing “Tenderly.” Later on, he joined the band Garotos da Lua as a pianist and arranger. He was joined by Joo Gilberto in the group.

After this period, Donato relocated to So Paulo and began performing with the Os Copacabanas and the Lus César Orchestra. Throughout his career, he produced many singles, including “Minha Saudade,” “A R,” and “Caranguejo.”

How did João Donato die?

The 88-year-old jazz icon Joo Donato from Brazil passed away on July 17, 2023. He had been battling a health problem for a few days when he passed away in a hospital. According to reports, he passed away surrounded by his family.

What was the cause of João Donato’s death?

It has been determined that pneumonia contributed to Joo Donato’s death. It is a pulmonary (respiratory) condition characterized by severe lung infection and breathing difficulties. He underwent intubation while hospitalized for the same reason.

Sadly, his body could no longer handle the issues and he passed away. Donato was already 88 years old, therefore his odds of recovering were extremely slim. Although he is no longer with us, his legacy will live on forever.