Jimmy Sagiotis Death; Victim Dies At 50- Obituary News

Jimmy Sagiotis, proprietor of Queenscliff eatery Salty Rooster, acclaimed by some locals as having some of the best burgers on the beaches, died unexpectedly last week, leaving a community in mourning. “It is with deepest sadness that we announce the tragic passing of our much-loved partner, father, son, brother, and friend,” he said in a statement.

‘Jimmy had a mild heart attack on Wednesday night, and when he arrived to the hospital in the ambulance (with Claudine, his mother and sister, and his lovely children with him), he had more heart attacks that required significant care and treatment.’Ultimately, despite the excellent treatment provided by surgeons and nurses, he was unable to recover.

‘No one could have predicted that the light of our lives would not succeed. It’s completely surreal. Complete and total surprise. The tragedy occurs after Jimmy lost his late wife, Renee, in 2017 and assisted his boys Harrison, 10, and Hudson, 8, in overcoming the great anguish caused by their mother’s abrupt death.

His friends have launched an impassioned appeal for help through a GoFundMe campaign to cover the unforeseen costs of planning Jimmy’s burial, as well as the ongoing and much-needed support of his blended family. “Claudine has lost her soulmate and her best friend, and the children have lost her amazing father,” the Facebook post read.

“Life will never be the same for them, but with our support, we hope they continue to live the life Jimmy had dreamed of for them.” The fundraiser has so far raised $26,420 of its $40,000 target.


The revelation has wreaked havoc on the local community, in which Jimmy was actively active after opening his successful burger shop in 2005. Members of the Salter Rooster community and fans have expressed their shock and loss on social media, conveying their shock and grief over his untimely death.

‘Visit this kind spirit. “Jimmy experienced enough tragedy for anyone in his life when he became a single father, caring for his two young children and trying to manage his beloved (and iconic) Queensie,” James Gryphon, a local politician, stated on Twitter.

James Gryphon, a local MP, posted on Instagram. ‘I can’t believe it, such misery and horror. A fantastic father and part of our community. For many years, I have known Jimmy, his children, and his mother, and I admire his family and his principles. RIP wonderful man xxxx,’ tweeted Beaches Healing, a local company.

A funeral service has been scheduled for next Tuesday, November 17th, at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Catherine in Mascot, followed by burial in the botanical cemetery. The menu of Salty Rooster advertises 17 flavours “from around the world to tantalise the taste buds.”

A popular order is the Hawaiian rooster, which consists of grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, grilled bacon, grilled pineapple, and mayonnaise.