Jill Carlberg Obituary News: Club Vice President of Lancing FC Jill Carlberg Passed Away

Jill Carlberg Obituary News: Club Vice President of Lancing FC Jill Carlberg Passed Away

The announcement of Jill Carlberg’s demise, our beloved Club Vice President, has left the Lancing FC community in great sadness. Everyone who has had the honor of knowing Jill will never forget her persistent passion, dedication, and commitment to our club. Our sincere condolences to Jill’s friends and family as we gather to honor her life and grieve her loss. Before the game on Saturday, there will be a minute of applause to recognize her legacy and extraordinary efforts.

Jill Carlberg was a cherished member of our Lancing FC family, not just the Club Vice President. The success and spirit of our community were greatly influenced by her constant support for the club and its members, her inexhaustible excitement, and her relentless work behind the scenes. Jill’s presence exuded warmth, friendliness, and sincere concern for everyone who came into contact with her, whether she was planning events, offering encouragement from the sidelines, or simply listening to players and supporters alike.

Jill’s passion for football was apparent in whatever she did. She was a passionate supporter of Lancing FC and personified the real essence of the beautiful game, motivating others with her unyielding commitment to perfection and her love. Her contagious excitement and upbeat vibe inspired players and spectators alike to give it their all for the love of the game. Though we will miss Jill terribly on game days, her passion for the game will live on and motivate us to play with grit and heart in her memory.

The impact of Jill Carlberg goes much beyond the football field. Her influence on our team and community goes beyond victories and defeats, goals and saves, to include the virtues of sportsmanship, teamwork, and camaraderie that she personified. Jill’s steadfast commitment to Lancing FC was an inspiration to all of us, showing us the value of having passion, tenacity, and teamwork in reaching our objectives on and off the field.

Before Saturday’s game, there will be a minute of applause to honor Jill Carlberg’s extraordinary contributions to our team and the community. This heartwarming act is a worthy homage to Jill’s enduring love, unwavering support, and unwavering loyalty to Lancing FC. Let’s celebrate Jill’s influence on our lives and show our appreciation for the time we were able to spend with her as we unite in applause to commemorate her memory and legacy.

Our Sincere Condolences During this trying time, we offer our sincere condolences to Jill’s friends and family. Knowing that Jill’s legacy of love, kindness, and dedication will live on in the hearts of everyone who knew her should give you solace in the treasured memories and times you spent with her. As a community, let’s unite to provide strength, comfort, and camaraderie to one another during times of grief.

We are saying goodbye to Jill Carlberg, a magnificent woman whose love, enthusiasm, and commitment to Lancing FC will live on forever. Even if her physical body may not be with us anymore, her soul will go on, leading us with her kindness, her insight, and her undying faith in the ability of football to bring people together and elevate us all. Peace be with you, Jill. Everyone who had the honor of knowing you will always treasure your memory and carry on your legacy.