Jessica Ebbighausen Car Accident: Rutland Police Officer, Jessica Ebbighausen Killed in “Tragic” Car Crash While on Duty

Rutland City Police Department Officer Jessica Ebbighausen.

Jessica Ebbighausen Car Accident: Rutland Police Officer, Jessica Ebbighausen Killed in “Tragic” Car Crash While on Duty

Jessica Ebbighausen Car Accident: Officer Jessica Ebbighausen, one of the newest members of the Rutland City Police Department, was identified as the victim of a multi-vehicle crash while being pursued late on Friday.

Ebbighausen, 19, joined the department in May, and he and other recent hire Arun Dangal were introduced before the Board of Aldermen last month.

Jessica was a level 2 trained officer, and the Vermont Police Academy had scheduled her to start full-time training in August.

During a press conference held at the Rutland City Police Department on Friday night, Lt. Col. Jim Whitcomb of the Vermont State Police said, “She had a long and bright career ahead of her.”

Rutland City police-involved accident

Whitcomb claimed that earlier that day, Ebbighausen and a supervising officer were on duty and responded to assist another city police cruiser involved in a pursuit. Tate Rheaume, 20, was reported to be attempting to break into a home on East Washington Street when the call first came in at around 2:30 p.m.

According to Whitcomb, the responding unit spotted Rheaume’s car and pursued him to Stratton Road, where he made a left turn onto Woodstock Avenue.

According to Whitcomb, Ebbighausen’s cruiser was traveling east on Woodstock when Rheaume’s car crossed the center line and struck Ebbighausen’s unit before striking a second cruiser traveling east. Whitcomb said that the cruiser in pursuit was not a factor in the crash. While emergency personnel worked on the area, Woodstock Avenue was shut down between Temple Street and Deer Street.

According to Whitcomb, Ebbighausen was pronounced dead at the scene, and her body was transported to the Vermont Medical Examiner’s office in Burlington while being escorted by state and local law enforcement.

According to Whitcomb, her commanding officer is still in the hospital, while the driver of the second cruiser involved in the collision received medical attention and was later released. The other two cops’ names have not been made public.

Rheaume was transferred to the University of Vermont Medical Center, according to Whitcomb, where doctors there thought his injuries weren’t life-threatening.

According to Whitcomb, the crash’s causes are being investigated, including speed and drug addiction. He claimed he was unaware of any active criminal cases against Rheaume or any potential charges that might be brought against him as a result of the incident.

Police Chief Brian Kilcullen of Rutland City expressed his appreciation for the level of community support his department was receiving.


Governor Phil Scott posted on his Facebook page that ā€œI am deeply saddened by the death of Jessica Ebbighausen, a Rutland City police officer tragically killed in a vehicle crash while on duty today. My deepest condolences go out to her family and friends, all members of the Rutland City Police Department and the entire Rutland community. The Vermont State Police and the Department of Fish and Wildlife will offer support as they all work to respond to this loss. This is a reminder of the risks our officers face every day, and my thoughts are with all of them tonight.ā€