Jason Tresham Death: Missing Man was Last Seen at Chesterfield Hotel Found Dead

Jason Tresham Death: Missing Man was Last Seen at Chesterfield Hotel Found Dead

Jason Tresham Death: Family members reported Jason Tresham missing, and he has now been found deceased. According to the report made by the family members after he vanished, he was reported missing for two weeks after he was last seen at a hotel in Chesterfield County.

Jason E. Tresham was last seen at a hotel in the 15800 block of Woods Edge Road on the morning of Tuesday, June 27, according to the Chesterfield Police Department.

What Happened to Jason Tresham?

When Jason Tresham vanished on Tuesday, he was a guest at the hotel. His relatives reported him missing to the authorities on June 29. Authorities reported finding a man’s body in the 2000 block of Ruffin Mill Road on Friday, July 7. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the remains were those of Tresham after conducting additional investigation.

On Saturday, Jennifer Burdine DeOliveira wrote on her blog that the investigator looking into the case received an email in the afternoon claiming that employees at Blvd. Flowers had an encounter with him on the day he vanished. I, my sister Emily, and our friend Jessica decided to approach the locals and ask them some questions because we were handing out flyers in the area.

Jason was sitting on the huge rock near the entrance, according to someone who saw him. Some of the staff members came over to check on him. They said he was talking gibberish and seemed utterly perplexed. They debated whether or not to report the incident to the authorities. When they handed him water, he finished the bottle and thanked them, saying, “You saved my life.”

Jason had already begun to walk away in the direction of the road when they went to bring him another bottle. I spoke to another female who works there, and she said that she saw him crawling on his hands and knees out of the tree line that separates Blvd. before he sat on the rock.

Flowers from the storage facilities. She claimed that this incident occurred soon before he sat on the rock. When he left, according to her, he was walking toward the street but then turned and appeared to be trying to cut across to the other side as he moved near the tree line. I won’t go into all the horrific details here, but his lifeless body was found among those trees, about twenty feet from the rock he had been resting on. Nothing makes sense in this insane world.