JARUMA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Naffy 

Jaruma, a captivating Hausa love novel written by Naffy Aliyu Umar, weaves a tale of intense emotions, secrets, and the complexities of relationships. The story unfolds as characters grapple with trust, betrayal, and the consequences of their actions.


The conversation between two individuals, filled with tension and accusations, sets the stage for the unfolding drama. The protagonist, Fatima, finds herself in a distressing situation, as her sister questions the character of Ahmad, her husband. Fatima defends Ahmad’s innocence, challenging her sister’s belief that he is responsible for the deaths of his previous wives. Tears stream down Fatima’s face as she passionately defends her husband, denying any wrongdoing on his part.

As emotions escalate, Hajiya, Fatima’s sister, angrily interrupts, berating her for her unwavering loyalty to Ahmad. The exchange leaves Fatima feeling burdened and confused, uncertain about the truth behind her husband’s actions and the weight on her own shoulders.

In another scene, Ahmad, plagued by illness and the weight of his actions, receives a series of phone calls. Overwhelmed, he is unable to bear the weight of the conversations and chooses to remain silent. When the voice on the other end calms down and lowers its tone, he recognizes it as Dr. Fatima. Confused by her sudden change in demeanor, Ahmad wonders why she called him the way she did. The conversation takes an unexpected turn as Ahmad reveals his own health concerns, hinting at the possibility of stopping his medication. Dr. Fatima pleads with him to continue taking care of himself, assuring him that the truth will prevail and that she will call him later.

As the narrative progresses, the story shifts to Kano, where a confrontation between Ahmad and another individual takes place. The dialogue reveals the deep-seated conflicts surrounding Ahmad’s reputation and the accusations against him. The scene ends with tears streaming down Fatima’s face, overwhelmed by the situation and the persistence of her brother in questioning Ahmad’s character.

In a desperate plea, Fatima turns to Hajiya for support and understanding, expressing her love for Ahmad and her inability to bear the thought of losing him. Hajiya, however, remains resolute in her belief that Ahmad is responsible for the tragedies that have befallen his previous wives. The scene highlights the inner turmoil faced by Fatima as she grapples with the possibility of her husband’s involvement in the deaths.

Throughout the novel, the characters navigate a web of emotions, loyalty, and uncertainty. Fatima’s heart-wrenching cries for her husband’s innocence and the impact of her decisions on her children create a sense of urgency and anticipation. The intricate plot reveals layers of deceit and challenges the reader to uncover the truth hidden beneath the surface.

Jaruma is a gripping Hausa love novel that explores the depths of trust, loyalty, and the sacrifices made in the name of love. Naffy Aliyu Umar skillfully crafts a story that captures the complexities of human relationships and leaves readers yearning to uncover the ultimate truth. Will Fatima discover the reality behind Ahmad’s actions? Can love conquer all in the face of suspicion and doubt? Jaruma promises a captivating journey that will keep readers engrossed until the very end.

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