Ja Wilson Boonville Obituary; The former South Spencer High School Superintendent has Passed Away.

James “Ja” Wilson, who passed away at the age of 56, left behind a legacy of dedication to education, leadership, and family. Ja, who is originally from Boonville, Indiana, had an amazing teaching career that touched many students’ and colleagues’ lives. Ja was well-known for his athleticism in Boonville, particularly on the football field. He was able to share his love of football with his kids at South Spencer Middle/High School, where he started his teaching career.

Ja worked for four distinct school systems during his 25 years in the sector, including positions as a superintendent, assistant principal, educational specialist, and coach. Ja’s career trajectory was exceptional, but he also showed real concern for each and every one of his students. Everything he did and was responsible for was centered around “his” children’s welfare. Long after classes were over, his influence could still be felt by the people he inspired, guided, and taught.

Ja had a great affection for his family, but his students were his true love. His twenty-nine-year union with Carmen was a monument to a story of love that started on the Saturday following Carmen’s senior prom. Ja and his spouse experienced both joys and sorrows in life while raising their two children, Lindsey and Aime.