Ian Edsel Barangan Death; Identified As Victim Killed, 4 Injured In Fatal Collision In Minglanilla

Shallow depth of field image taken of yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background.

A car accident that occurred on Saturday, December 16, 2023, at approximately eleven o’clock in the morning in Brgy. Upper Calajoan, Minglanilla town, resulted in the death of one person and the injury of four others.

As a result of a collision between a forward pickup truck and two motorcyclists and two cars, this occurred. Each and every one of them was moving in the same way forward.

The victim, who was named as Ian Edsel Barangan and was from Naga City, was unable to escape being buried beneath the truck and thus passed away on the scene. The tragedy took place when the truck, which was being driven by Noel Pedrida and had originated from Alcoy, was on its way to carry chickens to the town of Compostela, which is located in the northern region of Cebu.

It is believed that the truck’s brakes failed to work when it arrived at the location, causing it to collide with the automobiles that were in its route. As a result of the collision, the passenger of the Barangan vehicle as well as three persons from the other vehicles sustained injuries.

Additionally, the truck caused damage to a water pipe and an electric post in addition to the collision that it caused. One of the witnesses stated that the truck was moving at an excessive speed, and that it had crossed into the outer lane, causing it to collide with the vehicles.

The truck driver, Noel Pedrida, has been taken into custody at the Minglanilla Police Station on several occasions.

The head of the Minglanilla Traffic Command (MITCOM), Glenn Antigua, brought attention to earlier reports regarding automobiles that were similar to the one in question engaging in reckless driving. The Minglanilla Police Station and MITCOM will work together to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the occurrence after it has occurred. clorenciana (in Latin)