House Explosion In Liberia That Killed Husband And Wife; Sam D. Karmue Obituary News

The tragic fire that blew up a family’s four bedroom house on July 7, 2023 killed a mother and her children, whose husband had just return from the US. May their souls rest in peace.

The man of the house reportedly return from the US to Liberia to see his beautiful family only him to tragically passed away with his beautiful family two days later.

Two days after a man came back to Liberia from the US, he and his entire family passed away in a vicious fire in Ganta City.

Mr Sam D. Karmue, is identified as the man whose family were killed in tragic explosion in their house, who had just returned to be with his family on July 5, 2023.

Non of the dead bodies were recovered from the fire, as per reports, as they all burned to ashes, which involved the man, his wife and children and also family member who is said to have lived with them in the house. May their souls ret in peace.

Sam and his wife, Ruth, married two years ago in Ganta City, and reportedly shared a daughter. She was the only child of the elderly couple. Unfortunately, the little girl died, and her father, who was also set to travel back to Monrovia this morning, died in the fire too.