Heidi Riding Obituary News; Killed In Alleged Stolen Car Crash In Queensland

Heidi Riding has been identified as the 18 year old that passed away after a tragic accident that destroyed the car in which she was a passenger before the driver was heard yelling “She’s dead!”

Heidi Riding sadly passed away in the wrecked car of the said stolen silver Holden Commodore shortly after midnight on Thursday, July 13, 2023. May her soul rest in peace.

The tragic accident tookplace in the Toowoomba suburb of Newtown, west of Brisbane. The 19 years old driver of the car from Ipswich, was heard screaming she’s dead.

The 19 years old driver reportedly sped down the wrong side of Hursley Rd before colliding with trees and a concrete bench.

Debris was scattered over 50m near the intersection at Tor St, including pieces of metal embedded in the fences and a burning engine that was thrown across the road.

Queensland police stated that, the male driver was taken to Toowoomba Hospital with minor injuries and an investigation has been launched into the car crash.

An area witness told the Courier Mail that they had heard anguished screams from the driver immediately after the accident as he tried to find Ms Riding. ‘Where are you?’ she was heard screaming as she frantically searched the scene.

The 19 years old teen driver reportedly collapsed after screaming, according to the witness. ‘She is dead! She is dead!’

The burning engine found across the street was found more than 20 meters from the car when police arrived. No charges have been filed in connection with the accident, but police say teams from the Accident Forensic Unit and the Ethical Standards Command are investigating the incident.

An epidemic of car theft has been sweeping through the township, according to Toowoomba South MP David Janetzki. Car thefts in Toowoomba are on the rise, Janetzki said, with RACQ reporting a more than 85 percent increase in car theft reports from 2021 to 2022. In Queensland, 20% more cars had been stolen by August 2022 than the year before.

The older sister of the 18 years old immediately announced a GoFundMe to fund the family’s return to Queensland from Tasmania. “Heidi was unique,” wrote her sister, Tamika. ‘Our hearts are broken, we have no words’.

An undetailed legal battle was also mentioned in the description of the fundraiser. “The justice system failed our girl and they chose the wrong family,” Tamika continued. “We will fight and we will not stop until we get the justice you deserve, Heidi.” The campaign has raised nearly $2,000 of the $30,000 goal in its first four hours.

She will be greatly missed by her loved ones and family. May they be strengthened to bear the lost. May her soul rest in peace. Feel free to send in your condolences.