HAYATEEY Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Nana Fa’ad

HAYATEEY is a captivating and thrilling novel written by Nana Fa’ad, a talented author who skillfully weaves together suspense, action, and romance to create a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The story begins with a shocking incident that takes place in Maiduguri, where a group of thieves break into a house and threaten the lives of a family. The main character, Alhaji, is forced to give up all his property in exchange for the safety of his family. However, things take a dark turn when one of the thieves kills Alhaji, leaving his family devastated and seeking revenge.

As the story unfolds, we are introduced to the protagonist, a man who is on the run after a motorcycle accident. He encounters a young woman, who is immediately taken aback by his confidence and charm. Little does she know, the man is actually a skilled thief who is embroiled in a dangerous game of revenge and deceit.

The novel takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the protagonist navigates through his dangerous world, facing both love and betrayal. The author does an excellent job of creating a vivid and realistic world, bringing to life the streets of Maiduguri and the characters who inhabit it.

One of the standout features of HAYATEEY is its well-developed characters. The protagonist, in particular, is a complex and intriguing character, with a mysterious past and a talent for thievery. The female lead, on the other hand, is strong-willed and determined, refusing to let anyone stand in her way. Other characters, such as the ruthless gang leader and the vengeful family of Alhaji, add depth and complexity to the story.

Description and Prolouge of HAYATEEY

At around two o’clock in the night in Maiduguri, the thieves entered a small house, all their faces were covered with masks, an old guard at the gate and shot with a silencer. It was not the one who was on the other side who heard the sound, they entered the main house about ten of them. When they entered, they all divided into two parts because the house was very big, they went from room to room and checked all the people of the house and brought them to the downstairs parlor. And Allaji, then his wife, then their two daughters. His two daughters and his wife were all crying except for Alhaji whose whole body was shaking and confused.
   A husky voice spoke among the thieves and said
“Alhaji, give me all your property or I will kill you and your children,” said Alhaji, who was already scared without hesitation.
“I went to get them last year, please don’t kill us children, they mean a lot to me, they are my everything,” said the boy.
“Ama Man of my words, believe me if you take the documents and sign them, I assure you, you will all be free to go” Together with Alhajin, they took the papers upstairs and came back downstairs to sign. all the documents, he gave him the documents of his houses, lands, company and cars… the boy said
“Good man, aren’t you smart” he said turning to the one I heard called Oga
“Oga, I am done, let’s go,” Ogan said dryly and laughed
“ISSAM, if you finish your job, I am not done” he took out his gun and shot Alhaji in his heart. The one who called Issam was so shocked, he removed his mask with so much surprise on his face, his voice was shaking and he said
“Oga, we didn’t do this with Kaiba, we didn’t do it, you will kill him, I directed you to his house because there is some unfinished business that is, I don’t say we will kill him, this is out of our deal”
    Alhaji’s eldest daughter heard Issam saying _I directed you to his house_ and she raised her eyes to the window man who guided them to their house, she did not know when she turned back, she was speechless and helpless, she cried too I’m sorry, her heart is beating like it’s going to come out……

    *Few Hours Ago*

         He was running very fast on his Dodge Tomahawk V10 bike, which is one of the most expensive Superbikes in the world. As soon as he came to the hold up traffic light, he saw a red “Stop” sign and everyone stopped and waited for it to turn green. Go” let them pass but that didn’t stop him from passing by the side of the cars, he was going to cross the road behind him, but a car called BMW hurricane didn’t come by, he didn’t realize it, he just hit the car, he looked outside and parked my car. the car was a girl who was not over twenty four and got out of the car, she stopped wearing a black abaya and rolled her head with a maroon veil, the guy who was looking outside also parked his bike, she was walking She took care until she found out where he was, and the guy didn’t know when he arrived and someone was checking his bike to see if he had a problem like the one who was hit by the bike, his phone started ringing and he took it out of his pocket. With his helmet off, I used to wear the company BELL and put his phone on his ear while he was on the phone without paying attention to it. She quickly stepped back when he took off his helmet because of her extreme rage, in her life she had never seen a man who answered a man’s name as usual, she was speechless looking at him blankly, eyes and nose open and turning around she quickly got back and quickly got into her car and chased him and after her he just looked and took his head without bringing anything to his mind

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