HAUWA JIDDAH Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Khausar M hassan

“Hauwa Jiddah,” a captivating Hausa love novel written by Khausar M Hassan, unravels a tender and heartfelt tale of love and longing. The story revolves around two individuals, Hauwa and Khalil, as their paths intertwine and their love story unfolds.


As the novel begins, Hauwa is depicted walking slowly, her calm demeanor catching the attention of those around her. She arrives at a place where food is served, placing her bag on the table with a smile. The atmosphere is serene, as Jiddah, as she is fondly called, prefers a quiet environment. The attentive waitstaff promptly attend to her, evoking a small smile that reveals her dimples. Hauwa wastes no time in placing her order, while another person in the vicinity catches her eye and turns away. Within minutes, the waiter returns with a plate containing coke drinks, meat pie, and two apples, placing it before her.

On the other side, a handsome young man, Khalil, emerges. Having just taken a bath, he beckons the waiter and places his order. Soon, his meal arrives, and as Hauwa starts enjoying her meat pie, she notices Khalil, realizing he is her boyfriend. They begin their meal together, sharing drinks and engaging in comfortable conversation.

Later, in a different setting, Khalil’s friend, Sadiq, questions his peculiar behavior. Sadiq wonders why Khalil doesn’t openly express his love for Hauwa and instead follows her everywhere, even during meals. Khalil, with a smile, confides in Sadiq, revealing that his love for Hauwa surpasses everything else. However, he is unable to confess his feelings to her. Khalil shares his unwavering love for Hauwa, vowing never to leave her side unless she gets married. Sadiq chuckles, teasing Khalil about his devotion.

The story takes an intriguing turn when Sadiq reveals a secret about Hauwa’s lineage, leaving Khalil stunned and intrigued. Khalil’s heart skips a beat upon hearing this information, signaling a potential shift in the narrative.

The novel also delves into the background of Ibrahim Khalil Salman, a handsome and beloved young man known for his charm. Raised by his father, Alh Salman Zam_Zam, alongside his younger brother Hafeez, Khalil is a loyal and devoted son. He excels in education, having memorized the Qur’an and obtained a degree in psychology. At the age of 29, Khalil’s journey intertwines with Hauwa’s, setting the stage for their love story to unfold.

Meanwhile, Hauwa proceeds to her mother’s room in Samaru, greeting her with warmth. She expresses her love for her mother before finding solace in the familiar space. Reflecting on her emotions, Hauwa gazes into the mirror, a photograph capturing her attention. Tears well up in her eyes, which she quickly wipes away, continuing with her preparations. She adorns herself in black jeans, a light pink shirt with long sleeves, and ties her hair with a ribbon, completing her look with a pink hat.

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