Harry Simpson Arrested Suspect In The Murder Of Ardian Nikulaj

In a recent development, Harry Simpson, According to reports, a suspect believed to be involved in the assassination of an Albanian businessman was apprehended at a Morrisons supermarket. In an unexpected turn of events, an arrest took place last week at a car park in Peckham.

The individual apprehended by the police was none other than Harry Simpson, who stands accused of being connected to a significant criminal operation. In April of this year, a shocking incident unfolded as Ardian Nikulaj, a 51-year-old individual, fell victim to a brutal attack.

The assailant, armed with a firearm, fired six shots at Nikulaj, leaving him severely injured. The entire incident was captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, providing crucial evidence for the investigation. Four British individuals, including a young mother, are scheduled to undergo an extradition hearing in November.

This hearing will ultimately decide whether they will be subjected to a murder trial in Albania. In a recent report by The Mirror, it has been revealed that a 32-year-old individual named Simpson was taken into custody last Wednesday at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Simpson is set to join several others who will also face legal proceedings later this year. In a chilling incident that took place on April 19, shocking footage has emerged, capturing the final moments of Nikulaj at the Coral Hotel in Shengjin, Albania.

The footage reveals Nikulaj engaged in a phone conversation, seemingly unaware of the imminent danger that awaited him. Tragically, he was ruthlessly gunned down, leaving the world in shock and disbelief.

According to reports, it is alleged that Simpson had been present at the aforementioned location earlier in the day. During his time there, he was reportedly seen holding a phone, which was purportedly used for communication with the other individuals involved in the incident.

In a recent development, it has come to light that Edmond Haxhia, a 37-year-old individual, has reportedly approached Harriet Bridgeman, Steven Hunt, and Thomas Mithan, seeking their assistance in resolving a purported ‘blood feud’ with an individual named Nikulaj.

In a statement made earlier this year, Zoe Lash, acting as a representative for the Albanian government, informed the court that on April 19th at 1:23pm, a tragic incident occurred at the Coral bar in Shengjin.

According to Lash, Ardian Nikulaj was fatally shot six times and lost his life as a result of this incident. In a chilling turn of events, the security footage obtained from the bar has captured the exact moment when the heinous act of murder unfolded.

In a dramatic turn of events, an individual clad in a motorcycle helmet and a fluorescent vest was spotted entering a local bar. Eyewitnesses report that this mysterious figure proceeded to discharge a firearm a total of six times before swiftly making their exit on a sleek grey motorcycle.

In what appears to be a meticulously planned assault, the victim, who is said to be embroiled in a long-standing blood feud between rival families in Albania, was specifically targeted. According to Ms. Lash, it is believed that Mr. Haxhia is the alleged mastermind behind the murder. In a fascinating revelation, it has come to light that Edmond Haxhia shares a familial connection with the renowned Lekstakaj family.

According to reports, it has been claimed that a blood feud has been ongoing between the individuals in question and the victim’s family since 1997. It is alleged that during that year, they were involved in the killing of the victim’s brother.

Haxhia, aged 37, Hunt, aged 49, Bridgeman, aged 27, and Mithan, aged 35, have all vehemently denied any involvement in the surveillance activities that allegedly led to the murder. In a recent development, Haxhia has vehemently denied any involvement in organizing the hit, while the alleged gunman has been apprehended and is currently under arrest in Morocco.

In a recent development, it has been reported that Haxhia, Hunt, and Mithan are currently being held in custody. However, there is a glimmer of hope for Bridgeman as she has been granted bail. This decision came after her father stepped forward and offered the court a surety of £20,000. The extradition hearing, scheduled for November, is set to take place.