GUGUWAR ZALUNCI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mom Islam

Guguwar Zalunci is a captivating Hausa novel written by Momyn Islam that takes readers on a journey filled with intrigue and unexpected twists. The story revolves around the protagonist, Diyana, and her experiences as she ventures into a village called Shafa.

The narrative begins with Diyana and her mother preparing for their trip. Diyana notices her mother carrying a beautiful bag filled with shopping items, including expensive creams, shoes, clothes, and perfumes. Curious about the destination of these items, Diyana asks her mother about the clothes intended for her grandmother. However, her mother remains silent, and Diyana accepts the lack of response without further questioning.

Diyana, her mother, and Afreeda embark on their journey together. As they travel, their surroundings give the impression that they are children of royalty. Despite the seemingly luxurious journey, Diyana’s face lacks cheerfulness due to her father’s preoccupation with phone calls, limiting their chances for conversation.

Afreeda remarks that Diyana seems attached to the people of the village they are visiting. Diyana affirms this and mentions her intention to join them in their activities, without elaborating further. The dynamic between Diyana and her father remains strained, as she attempts to sit closer to him in the car, hoping to catch his attention. However, her father seems disinterested, focusing on his phones and avoiding eye contact.

Arriving at the village of Kano, specifically Shafa village, Diyana and her family encounter a place characterized by haphazardly constructed houses and a diverse population. The houses lack proper walls but have roofs, highlighting the village’s disregard for certain living conditions.

During the journey, Diyana falls into a pleasant sleep. However, she is abruptly awakened by a sense of fear as they enter a particular area that triggers her apprehension about the uncertain future. Despite the unsettling feeling, she manages to maintain composure. Upon reaching their destination, Diyana plans to perform the Salat prayer but refrains from touching her hair, as this seems inappropriate in the village.

Diyana’s father reveals that they will spend five days in the village, hinting at an important purpose for their visit. As they exit the car, Diyana hears the voice of an old woman and becomes curious to see who is approaching. The woman appears elderly, with a wrinkled face and swollen teeth, consuming nuts. Diyana notices her simple attire and welcomes her as Alhaji.

Diyana’s confusion arises as the woman does not immediately enter the house. Inside, she discovers a room filled with cloth but devoid of chairs. Diyana wonders where the girl, Fadimatu, has gone and questions the accuracy of the people’s names in the village. Diyana’s father clarifies that Fadimatu is referred to as Mom by the locals.

The interaction between Diyana’s father and the elderly woman suggests a lack of familiarity and a respectful distance. Diyana instructs the driver to retrieve a white cloth, which she plans to use for a particular purpose. Meanwhile, Diyana observes Hajiya’s behavior and notices a lack of connection between her and Diyana’s family.

As the story progresses, Diyana’s relationship with her grandmother becomes more apparent. The novel explores themes of family, identity, and social dynamics in the context of a vibrant village setting.

Guguwar Zalunci weaves a captivating tale of mystery and self-discovery, unraveling the complexities of relationships within a culturally rich environment. Momyn Islam skillfully presents a narrative that keeps readers engaged, eager to uncover the secrets and revelations that lie ahead.

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