Greg Steed Obituary News: Member of Quality Roofing Greg Steed Passes Away

Greg Steed Obituary News: Member of Quality Roofing Greg Steed Passes Away

t is with great sadness that we share that we have lost a brother and friend. Greg Steed passed away yesterday while enjoying his new life in Thailand. Brother you will be missed, and never forgotten.

Greg Steed, a member of our sales team at Quality Roofing.

Greg believes that core values should be lived out. So, joining Quality Roofing over three years ago was an easy decision, considering that is their standard.

Greg wanted a job where he could sell a product that the customer truly needed, that was of quality workmanship, and that his word would be upheld by his co-workers to complete the project.

He found after listening and observing Brian Ward, CEO, that this is exactly what was already happening at Quality Roofing.

“When I set expectations for a customer today, I know that it is going to happen because I know my team members. Production-wise, paperwork-wise, submitting for permitting, project coordination, the whole scope of work – I trust my team members based on their track record of work completed and satisfied clients. This is a team I am honored to be a part of – they get it done and they don’t fumble the ball”, Greg shared.

“On the rare occasion that it doesn’t get done right, we own it. Our first step is compassion – we want to understand what the customer is experiencing. We then are going to address it, fix it, and make sure before we invoice that it has been completed.”

Greg is a veteran of the United States Navy, a baseball player who would have turned professional if not for a rotator cuff injury, and a family man with five children whom he and his wife enjoy hanging out with each and every day.

Greg loves baseball! He currently plays in the Pensacola Men’s Baseball League and convinced his wife that getting married right before a baseball tournament was a grand idea. Obviously, she is a gem.