GOBE DA NISA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Pharty BB

GOBE DA NISA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Pharty BB. 

GOBE DA NISA is a Hausa novel that tells a poignant story of life’s ups and downs. Written by Pharty BB, it is a tale that sheds light on the timeless theme of cause and effect. The author does an excellent job of highlighting the significance of good deeds and the consequences of bad ones.

The novel’s title, GOBE DA NISA, translates to “Tomorrow is Far” in English. This title is fitting, as the book highlights the connection between the actions we take today and the outcomes we reap tomorrow. Through the characters’ experiences, the author shows that tomorrow is not near, but it will come eventually. This means that every action we take today has a ripple effect that can either make or mar our future.

The story follows the lives of two main characters, Mariya and Aminu. Hauwa is a virtuous young woman who works hard to support her family. She is a devout Muslim who is committed to her faith and principles. Aminu, on the other hand, is a wealthy young man who is spoilt and arrogant. He believes that he can get away with anything because of his wealth and social status.

As the story progresses, Aminu’s arrogance and disregard for others lead him into trouble. His bad deeds catch up with him, and he soon finds himself in a precarious situation. Meanwhile, Hauwa’s good deeds pay off as she receives blessings and rewards for her hard work and devotion.

The author uses the characters’ experiences to drive home the point that our actions have consequences. The novel shows that the choices we make today can either build us up or tear us down tomorrow. The book is a call to action for readers to be mindful of their actions and to strive to do good in every situation.

One of the strengths of GOBE DA NISA is the way the author weaves in cultural and religious themes into the narrative. The book is set in the Hausa culture, and the author does an excellent job of bringing out the nuances of the culture. The novel also explores themes of faith, family, and community, which are essential aspects of the Hausa way of life.

Another impressive aspect of the novel is the author’s use of language. Pharty BB writes in a simple and straightforward style that is easy to understand. The language is rich and descriptive, and the author does an excellent job of painting vivid pictures of the characters and their surroundings.

Description and Prolouge

The whole family is happy and excited to get this increase that they did not expect, which they think is a difficult thing to get, even though it was the happiness of others, it did not show on their face and they let it in their heart. A small party was held in the house, everyone ate and drank and congratulated the woman who was happy.

If you look at the way her beautiful face shines, you will be sure that she is happy that day, her dreams have been fulfilled by 60%, that is what has helped her live a long life. Many people think this is impossible because she is small and a woman.


She heard her name being called, and she turned around to answer the person who called her in her cool voice that didn’t want to make noise. Her mother’s younger sister is Aunti Babie, she said with a smile.
“We will go home Maria, God help us to get in on time.”

Mariyatul Kibdiyya said in her pleasant voice.
“Amin Aunty, thank you. I will come to you.”

“There’s nothing, there’s nothing to do now.”
Aunty Babie said she was putting her children in front and they went out in the hall, Zakiyyah followed her mother saying goodbye to the other girls until two days later.
As they were leaving Mariyatu, Haneefa and Ummi Aisha tidied up the living room to see how it had been turned into chaos.
In this way, everyone dispersed who came to congratulate and the members of the family were left. When they finished their room, they went straight to the bathroom and went to the bathroom to see that it was dusk.
They sat and chatted and chatted, all of whom were Haneefa and Umm Aisha, Mariya from Umm but not hers, until night fell and they performed the Isha prayer. After they finished they went out and prayed for Umma and in the morning they came back to the room and went to bed.

The next day at half past seven Maria and Haneefa finished their plans to go to work. Today is Maria’s first day, which is the reason for the availability of the job, so the people who joined her at a party yesterday at home came to celebrate her.
Haneefa in a white nurse’s uniform, she looked good.
Maria was wearing a long black dress, and a white baby hijab that covered her chest, made her white skin shine and showed her pure beauty. There is no makeup on her face except pink and lip balm which she wears to respect the rules of her job.
After greeting Umma, they went up to eat breakfast, which the employee presented in the dining room.
Haneefa was the first to finish, she stood up, looked at Umma who was sitting and said.
“Umma said that Abba did not wake up.”

“He’s in his living room.”
Umma said from where she was sitting looking at some items that were brought to her.
Haneefa turned to look at Maria and said.
“When you’re done, let’s go greet him and then we’ll pass.”

Maria stood up to finish it, she took her handbag to the place. Seeing this, Haneefa went ahead and Maria followed her to Abba’s living room, on the way they met and finished.
As they greeted each other, Abba answered them sitting on the couch with his hand holding the remote control and watching the morning news, while he was wearing a jalaba. They found Guri and sat down, politely greeted him. With a smile on his face, he answered them as always. They stood up and Haneefa was saying.
“Abba, we will go to work.”

“Come back safely.”
He said as he watched them go out, especially Maria who saw her dress and accepted her.
After taking them out, they entered each of them and went to their work.
Maria since she got on the machine until he eased her mouth with prayers, today is the first day of her job after the interview that they have done and the candidates who have been selected and given the job, that’s why she is all scared.
As soon as bismillah put her foot in the ministry, she entered and began to follow the premises with a look. The staff is not great but the construction process is good, it is a modern building with one floor. She kept looking at the place and her eyes caught sight of her and they did an interview together.
She hurried towards them, greeted them and they answered her, then she continued to stand. Five minutes after she stood up, everyone was adjusting their stance, and she was also adjusting hers, looking at the people who had cheated them.
The person who gave them an interview was with two others, one of whom was in the office when she was being interviewed but he didn’t even look where she was, let alone spat, the other one she didn’t know.
The place became quiet after their arrival, the stranger greeted them and started introducing himself to them and the others in English.
“My name is Barrister Hamza, this is Barrister Waliy Abubakar and this is Judge Nuhu. Welcome to this court, I hope you will work as hard as he brought you, which we expect and in one year you will become your own barristers. come before the court and fight.”

Everyone nodded and showed satisfaction, so he continued to speak. “Follow me, I’ll show you your office.”
Then he started walking.
They were trying to follow him in a noise with a pleasant voice and they heard the words of Barrister Waliy entered their ears.
“Everybody asked for a suit (coat), we don’t want this foreigner.”…

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