Glen Duenas Death – Obituary: Victim Killed in Lake Pleasant Arizona Boating Accident

Glen Duenas has passed away. According to multiple reports, Glen was involved in a fatal boating accident which eventually take his life.

Despite heroic efforts to save him, Glen Duenas died as a result of the serious injuries he sustained in the accident. His premature death has left a hole in the hearts of his friends, family, and coworkers, who are now dealing with the great sadness of losing someone so close to them.

Brendon Remillard, a close friend of Glen Duenas, took to Facebook to express his deep sorrow and share cherished memories of their time together.

In his heartfelt post, Brendon described Glen as an amazing friend with a kind heart and a penchant for creating unforgettable moments. It’s clear that Glen Duenas touched the lives of those around him in a profound way.

Glen Duenas is remembered not only for his friendly demeanor but also for his intelligence and knowledge. He was always eager to lend a helping hand and share his expertise with others.

His legacy as a valuable team member at FedEx Freight lives on, as his colleagues remember him with respect and admiration.

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