_This book, from the beginning to the end, is a dedication to you, Layla, an adult woman, may God protect you from any criticism, may the grace of God reach you, my sister._

* We don’t care about Mahassada! We don’t have* *mischief, we don’t have envy!????????*

*You make me feel good????????*

*My envy!*

*Inbaku ni fah banjin* *sweet….!!My mahassada????????*

*You are the ones who make us angry, my poor!????????.*

*Hajiya, I don’t want some small things plz beb”. If you know you are going to read our book because of arrows and other nonsense of yours, then don’t start”. Because even if you follow me with a small amount, I will give you a shirt of honor! I will dishonor God…..*


I don’t allow anyone to use the technology of separation and cleverness, doing so is a big mistake, so plz be careful”.

          *MY HOME!*

        The story that Mmn teddy is telling you just to please her fans!. Plz, this story is not for women. Show that we are in love and I am brave enough to give you this book of mine….Maula’s fans are very fond of Teddy. God praises love.

              *HOUSE OF BEAUTY*





“`One group is like a thousand, kindness is the house of Generosity and Knowledge, those who warn and entertain, Kindness is the Son of Kindness… ????️“`