Gene McDonald and Daire Maguire Car Accident; 2 Drivers Died in Car Crash on the Sligo Stages Rally

Gene McDonald and Daire Maguire Car Accident; 2 Drivers Died in Car Crash on the Sligo Stages Rally

Gene McDonald and Daire Maguire Car Accident; Sligo Stages Rally Accident: Following a double fatality on Sunday, the highly anticipated Sligo Stages Rally has been canceled, devastating fans.

The incident was reported on the Connacht Motor Club’s official website, which has been in charge of rally planning since 1981.

Connacht Motor Club was able to identify an incident that happened on the Sligo Stages Rally at around 16:20 on July 16.

The event has been stopped, and a new statement will be released soon. Connacht Automobile Club.

What Happened At The Sligo Stages Rally?

A crash on the Sligo Stages Rally apparently resulted in the deaths of a driver and co-driver. According to accounts, the concert was immediately postponed in response to the incident.

At the time of publication, the two victims of the tragic incident’s identities had not been made public. The Brecon Motor Club wrote following the event;

Unfortunately, it appears that the Sligo Stages in Ireland have been canceled owing to a rumored double fatality, a driver and co-driver. If this is true, our prayers are with all those who were present at the site.

Who Died At Sligo Stages Rally?

Two participants in the Sligo Stages Rally tragically lost their lives today, it has been confirmed by Motorsport Ireland, according to an update from The Motorsport Hub.

At this difficult moment, our thoughts are with the family unit. Only the names of the two participants, the driver and co-driver, have been released. At this moment, their names were Gene McDonald and Daire Maguire.

Law enforcement authorities are still looking into the car collision that claimed the lives of the two unnamed people. This weekend’s event was intended to take place at the Sligo Stages Rally 2023 at the Sligo Retail Park – Parc Ferme.

From this year forward, our partner title sponsor FAAC has graciously offered to pay a portion of the entrance fee for each MIJRS entry. Each driver will receive this kind offer shortly before the Sunday morning Driver Briefing.

Ciaran Phelan participated in the competition and is the father of Cormac, who progressed to the stage of being nominated for the Billy Coleman award. This recognition for the young contender at the time gave him the motivation to keep working toward his objectives.