Garry William Maidment Obituary News; Died In Explosion At His Home

Garry William Maidment has been identified as the man who sadly passed away at his home in an explosion. May his soul rest in peace.

Garry is known as the man who was stressed by the skyrocketing cost of his mortgage, who has now passed away in an explosion which ripped through his home. May hi soul rest in peace.

Garry William Maidment’s two-storey unit on Nambucca Close in Murrumba Downs, north of Brisbane, caught fire on Wednesday afternoon, July 12, 2023.

After the sudden explosion seven fire crews were reportedly dispatched to stop the large fire, which destroyed the home, and an exclusion zone was enacted around the complex until 4:55 p.m. the explosion is now been investigated on by the police.

Acting Detective Inspector Stephen Windsor said human remains were found near a fifth gas bottle in the unit’s garage. “We understand that the male person has some challenges and pressures in his life,”

Mr. Maidment detailed online why he could no longer pay his mortgage payments and was at risk of losing his home. “Now, because I can’t make my new mortgage payment, I will lose my house,” he wrote.

‘Most people would just walk away, but when you’ve cornered a tiger like me, I fight back big time and tear you apart. ‘I came up with a plan to financially harm the bank and the corporate entity.’You know the good part? I don’t have to spend any jail time because I’m leaving.’

Mr Maidment shared his latest post just an hour before Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were called to his unit. “Now, for my funeral, what will be left of my body is strictly for family members only,” he says.

‘That’s right, I was adopted so there is no bloodline. It looks like my body will be a John Doe. Other posts shared details about his family life and his hatred of ‘big business’. ‘The Reserve Bank board is shitting the poor with mortgages,’ he wrote in one. ‘Big corporate profits [have been] very high in the last two years, but homeowners are going bankrupt due to inflation caused by corporate profits.

One of his neighbors blames the bank for his sad passing on “My mortgage payments 15 months ago were $1,200 and [now they are] just under $3,000.”

“You have to blame the banks a bit,” said one. Inspector Windsor confirmed that the house was owned by a single man in his 60s.

“The male person has had some current challenges and pressures in life and has made some comments about it,” he said at a news conference on Thursday.

“The scientific police who are trained in this area are slowly processing things, making sure that any evidence is found.”

The Australian business number of Mr Maidment’s gardening service, Whip ‘n’ Mow North Brisbane, was canceled on 10 July. Queensland Police said they are treating the fire as suspicious but are not looking for a suspect.

Large flames erupting from the house were visible from the surrounding suburbs and sounds of an “explosion” were reported by neighbors up to five kilometers away shortly before emergency services were called. Anyone with relevant information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

His tragic death will be greatly missed by his loved ones and family. May they be strengthened to bear the lost. May his soul rest in peace.