GA IRIN TA NAN Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Binta Umar Abbale

“Ga Irinta Nan” is a novel written by Binta Umar Abbale that tells the story of a young girl named Sa’ida who faces several challenges in her life. The novel explores themes of love, family, societal norms, and traditions that shape the lives of people in Hausa culture.


The story begins with Sa’ida returning home after a long day at work. She is greeted by her grandmother, Gwaggo, who is playing a bell. Sa’ida takes off her hijab and lies down to catch her breath, but Gwaggo starts criticizing her work and accuses her of being a prostitute. Sa’ida is hurt by her grandmother’s accusations and decides to leave her house and go back to her mother’s house.

The author skillfully depicts the protagonist’s emotions and thoughts as she faces the challenges of her life. Sa’ida’s character is well developed, and the readers can empathize with her as she struggles to find her place in society.

The novel highlights the societal norms that affect the lives of women in Hausa culture. Sa’ida is pressured to get married, but she is not interested in getting married yet. Her grandmother accuses her of being a prostitute because she is out late at night working. This attitude towards women who work is common in many African cultures, and the author does an excellent job of showing how this affects Sa’ida’s life.

The story also explores the theme of love. Sa’ida is in love with Khalid, but he is married to someone else. Her love for Khalid is forbidden, and she knows that pursuing a relationship with him will bring shame to her family. This conflict adds an interesting twist to the story and keeps the readers engaged.

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